10 Things – Volume 1

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It’s September 1st, and…we’re still here, at The Homemade Creative. Weren’t we supposed to move, today? I’m pretty sure I told you we were moving today.

After much thought, I’ve decided that rebranding won’t solve my problem, but launching a second blog, and running both of them, will. What’s my problem? Content. I’ve created a fun little family lifestyle and review blog here at The Homemade Creative, and because I really enjoy this kind of writing, I want to keep doing it. But I also want to share my story, help tell other survivors’ stories, and encourage activism in your life and heart – and that content doesn’t really fit here, does it?

So I’ve decided to write two blogs, full time.

Where The Homemade Creative is a mostly lighthearted blog about family, books, and whatever interests me at any given moment, Girl Unfurled is more of a niche blog, focusing on specific issues and themes, with a specific purpose in mind. Trying to combine the two just isn’t going to work. And this way, if you are only interested in finding an organic snack recommendation, or are only looking for resources for abuse recovery, you can pick and choose which blog to follow (though I hope you will follow both).

So here’s to choices, and new beginnings, and to YOU, dear reader! And here’s my first edition of 10 Things, with a quick recap of our crazy summer…

10 Things - Volume 1 | The Homemade Creative

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10 Things – Volume 1

1. I’m not a very consistent blogger, but I’m doing my best to change that. Being consistent and reliable is very important to me, and knowing that I struggle with these qualities when it comes to my blog is a sore spot for my — well, for my pride. So when this summer went from “moderately busy” to “crazy out of control busy”, I swallowed my pride, and put my blog on hold for the rest of summer. Some things are more important than a schedule! Like family, and maybe sanity.

2. I met Mickey Mouse. For a girl who’s never been to a Disney park, I didn’t think meeting Mickey Mouse would be that big of a deal. But when I actually stood face to face with the iconic mascot, I was suddenly four years old, marveling at the impressive craftsmanship of the costume, surprised at how small he was, and horrified at the ridiculous giggle that escaped me when he hugged me for a picture. What?!? Where did THAT come from??

3. We went to Wyoming this summer, to see Nick’s grandma. We stayed with Ed and Linda most of the two and a half years we lived in Thermopolis, Wyoming, and it was wonderful to see Linda again! Serenity and I spent a week with her while Nick helped his dad at a children’s bible camp near Ten Sleep, and then a few extra days so he got to visit with her, too, before heading for home. We were supposed to head on into Montana to see my grandma for a few days, but thanks to Walmart’s online division our debit card was flagged with a fraud alert and cancelled by our bank two days before we left on our trip; we weren’t able to afford the extra twenty hours driving of gas for the car, so we had to turn around in Wyoming and head for home a week early.

4. I finally bought a Nalgene water bottle, and I hate it. After waiting almost a decade – from the first time I saw a college friend toting hers around all day, soooo convenient – I finally broke down and spent $12.00 on a pink Nalgene bottle, at the huge Cabela’s in Gillette, Wyoming. It’s pretty, durable, easy to use, easy to wash – and it smells TERRIBLE!!! No matter what I do to it, the water inside (tap, filtered, or bottled) smells musty and metallic. I’m extremely disappointed. #sadpanda

5. Nick turned 29. My sweet husband is not a big fan of his birthday, but he seemed to have a nice time this year, despite himself. We were still in Wyoming, so I got him a little cake, and we celebrated with his dad and grandma, and his aunt and cousins.

6. My sister Jessica stayed with us for a month-long visit. She arrived a week before we left for Wyoming, and house-sat for us while we were away, which was great for us, but unfortunately turned out to be pretty boring for her (sorry about that, Jess). When we got back, everything from car trouble to colds to everyone just being tired and hot got in the way of having much fun, but we still managed to sneak in a trip up to the Bristol Renesaunce Faire in Wisconsin, and then stayed overnight in Chicago, exploring Navy Pier and China Town before she got on a plane the next morning.

7. My brand new DSLR camera was stolen, and then miraculously returned. While Jessica and I were at the Ren Faire, I foolishly set my brand new Canon T3 down on the infant changing table in the family restroom so I could help Serenity use the potty without bashing her in the face — and then I walked out, leaving it unattended for almost twenty minutes before realizing it was missing. Jessica ran back to look for it, but it was already gone. Five days and an impassioned Facebook plea later, my camera arrived safely home in the mail! Against all odds, someone recognized my description of the missing camera, and the girl who took it was thrilled to be able to do the right thing and return it to me. ?

8. I planted my first flower garden, then had to dig it up and replant twice. My landlord has strange ideas about mold and vinyl siding, and can’t make up his mind about what I’m allowed to do before he tells me I can do it, then changes his mind again after. On the bright side, I’ve learned that coleus are extremely hardy plants, and will survive just about any amount of abuse. Unlike geraniums and mums, which keel over at the slightest sign of adversity.

9. I read a fantastic book called Love, Skip, Jump by Shelene Bryan. I’m excited to tell you about this one in a few days, in this month’s edition of What I Read. It’s not only a fascinating retelling of her own journey into following hard after God, but also an invitation to take that journey ourselves. I know I’m ready!!

10. This was one of the busiest summers of the past decade, and yet I had a ton of time to think. And while they weren’t easy in the least, I’ve made some important decisions that have been a long time coming. One of which is to take the plunge and begin to share my story openly, and not just in carefully edited tidbits. That’s what Girl Unfurled is all about — telling the truth, holding to hope, beginning anew.

And there you have it — my 10 Things for summer 2014.

I plan to flesh out several of these ten stories in the coming weeks. One of my major goals with this blogging revamp is to make the time to pull together stories from our “every day” to share with you, as they happen and not weeks or months after the fact. I am a perfectionist, and that often translates to simply not telling a story because I don’t have the time or mental acuity (thank YOU, toddler of mine) to do the bang up job I’d really like to do. I’m going to let go of that a little bit, and give you the stories, rather than holding them hostage because I think I could do better if I had more time or energy. I hope you like them!

What Did You Do This Summer?

Disclosure: I received a free copy of the book mentioned in this post for review consideration from Book Look Bloggers.

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