20 Express ~ Fun With Sequences!

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Ready for another fun educational game from Blue Orange Games? You’ve got it! Introducing…

**We received a complementary copy of this game.**
**All opinions are our own.**

20 Express is a strategy game with a bingo-style layout, for one or more players ages eight and up. It’s fast-paced, and makes you think and plan ahead. The object of the game is to create the longest sequences of ascending numbers possible, up to twenty tiles, and to have the highest point value of all players (or to beat your own high score, if you play by yourself).

Thanks to a busy schedule this week, I wasn’t able to play this game with anyone, so I took advantage of it’s single-player functionality and played a quick couple of games by myself. I didn’t get it at first – I always have Nick explain game rules to me, and he wasn’t home – but I found a video tutorial that really helped, and by my third game I was having fun and really getting the hang of it! Check it out…

Like all games from this fun company, 20 Express isn’t just fun, it’s constructed of durable materials that are both easy to use, and fun to look at. The game comes in a sturdy box with fun graphics that make you want to learn more. The tiles are high-quality hard plastic with engraved numbers, and come packaged in a nice drawstring fabric bag. The game also comes with eight pencils and a pad of one hundred game sheets.

I really enjoyed this game, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with Nick and our extended family this Christmas! This game would also be a great resource for any child learning to identify sequences, working on strategy and placement recognition, or needing practice with basic math skills.

You can purchase 20 Express on Amazon, and you can connect with Blue Orange Games on their websiteFacebook, and Twitter.
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Do you enjoy counting or sequence games?


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Disclosure: We received a free copy of the game mentioned in this post in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are our own, and we only promote things we believe will benefit our readers.
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