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Last summer, I was investigating the possibility that the numerous difficulties I have had over the years with my digestive health may be related to my consumption of gluten (you may have heard of Celiac Disease). While my efforts to rule it out didn’t go far at the time, thanks to the demands of new motherhood and my general appalling lack of follow-through, I did get to try a few new things in my attempts to change my diet. Some where yummy, some not so much, but I did find a new kind of chip that I want to tell you about…

I had the pleasure of testing Beanfields Crispylicious! black bean and rice chips, during my mom’s visit from Oregon when Serenity was about 8 weeks old. Corn and gluten-free, these chips are made from high quality black beans and long grain rice, and are flavored with natural ingredients. My mom helped me taste test (so did my husband, but more about that later).

Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips are great tasting snacks that are healthier for you:

bullet point Complete Protein: 4 grams in every serving, as much as a 4 oz. glass of milk.
bullet point Fiber: 4 grams in every serving, the same as a ½ cup serving of raisin bran.
And you get both soluble and insoluble fiber, which aids digestion. The fiber also helps
you feel fuller longer.
bullet point Allergen Specific: Beanfields is free of every one of the FDA’s eight most common
ingredients that trigger food allergies.
bullet point Complex Carbohydrates provide long lasting energy.
bullet point Minerals our bodies need, including potassium and magnesium.
bullet point Half the saturated fat and one third less sodium than most corn tortilla chips.

To make these chips even more awesome, all of the flavors are free of any genetically-modified organisms (non-GMO) and are recipients of the prestigious Non-GMO Verification awarded by the Non-GMO Project.

They also received Best Of Show at the 2012 Natural Products Expo West for 2012! Here’s what VegNews had to say about Beanfields

“We are obsessed (no, really) with Beanfields’ new Nacho Bean & Rice Chips. The vegan answer to Doritos!” – VegNews

Corn free, vegan, and gluten free, Beanfields Crispylicious! Nacho Bean & Rice Chips contain 4 grams each of protein and fiber, and have been called the healthy alternative to Doritos.

I tried these chips, and they are interesting. The bean flavor – a subtle earthiness – does interact oddly with the nacho flavor, and I am not personally a fan of that. But they’re not bad! I’m not a big fan of nacho flavored chips in general, so perhaps I am not the best judge of this particular flavor, though. My mom said these were her favorite, and she does like nacho flavored chips. Perhaps we’d better take her word for it instead of mine?

The Naturally Salted variety of Beanfields is the closest to nature of the varieties. Earthy and crisp, but without much defining taste. I think these would be best used in a recipe, like taco salad or similar, where they are there more for texture than for flavor.

Evidently, the Pico De Gallo flavor of Beanfields is delicious. Sadly, I wouldn’t know, because my husband ate every last one of the 2 bags we received before I even knew they had arrived!

“These things are amazing!!” ~ Nick Belleque

I was really excited about the Sea Salt & Pepper flavor of Beanfields, but I personally found them to be way too peppery. It’s a great flavor, just too strong for me. I think these would be good crumbled into a hearty stew or soup, though *smiles*

These were my favorite! Sea Salt – nice and subtle, a little zippy, and perfect for a light snack or a side with soup or for nachos. Yum!

Overall, I like these chips, and I think they are a good alternative to corn chips. It’s good to know that there is a decent choice for those with corn or gluten intolerance, and even those who can eat anything they want may enjoy the change of pace from plain ol’ corn. I personally love black beans and how versatile they can be, and these chips are testament to just that!

You can connect with Beanfields on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Beanfields products are currently available in multiple stores on the west coast, and online. Full cases of 12 6oz bags in any one flavor or your personal assortment of flavors are available for $40.00 and $8.00 shipping/handling, and full cases of 24 1.5oz bags in any one flavor or your personal assortment of flavors are available for $30.00 and $6.00 shipping/handling (Naturally Unsalted is not available in 1.5oz bags). 

Want to try these chips out for yourself? One lucky reader of The Homemade Creative will be winning a 1/2 case (6 bags) of Beanfields chips in assorted flavors! You must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United States in order to win, and only entries received via the Rafflecopter widget below, and entries will be verified. Good luck! *smiles*

A big thank you to the fine folk at Beanfields who sent me a case of these chips in exchange for this honest review, using All opinions are my own, and may differ from the opinions of others.
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