Beat The Teething Blues With A Spark Of Amber Teething Necklace!

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Serenity cut her first tooth at four months old, and her second at five months. It was apparently relatively painless, as copious amounts of drool were the only indication anything was happening until the little suckers popped through. Then she waited until she was nine, ten, and eleven months old to pop through another bottom tooth, and all four of her top front teeth in rapid succession. Those ones clearly hurt, but even so Serenity did not cry nearly as much as I expected until she got her first molar, at fifteen months old.

The poor baby was so miserable, I thought for sure my heart was going to explode with sympathy. My little even tempered sweetie transformed into a screaming, biting, slobbery, and angry little hoodlum.

Beat The Teething Blues With A Spark Of Amber Teething Necklace! | The Homemade Creative

“I keeeeell you!”

The lovely folks at Amber For Babies came to my rescue big time when they sent me one of their lovely amber teething necklaces to try out. Serenity was thrilled to have her very own necklace; she even said “pwetty” for the first time when she saw it!

Amber is a fascinating critter – it’s a resin, and when warmed against a baby’s skin it releases succinic acid, which is acclaimed for it’s 100% natural and safe anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and calming properties. These properties have been understood and used for centuries by European people groups to ease the pain, irritability, and discomfort associated with teething (they’re also said to help with arthritis and other inflammation disorders, though I haven’t tested that myself).

Serenity popped out all three of her remaining first year molars within days of each other, while wearing her Spark Of Amber necklace – and she barely made a peep.

Beat The Teething Blues With A Spark Of Amber Teething Necklace! | The Homemade Creative

I was amazed! Amber is awesome!!!

The number one question I get is “does she chew/suck on it?” The answer is no – the soothing oils simply soak into her skin as the amber reacts to her natural body heat. In fact, if I see her so much as think about putting it in her mouth, I immediately tell her no. I’ve trained her to ignore it, and after more than a year she knows that even when someone compliments her on her pretty necklace, she is not supposed to touch it (but should say “thank you”). I want to emphasize again that these necklaces are designed to be safe for any age, but they are not intended to be mouthed, but simply worn.

The second question I always get from interested parties is “so how often does she wear it?” The answer – all the time! The packaging, of course, indicates that it should be removed during bathing and at night, but we’re far from the only parents that let her wear it 24/7. Because of the unique design – each bead individually knotted on several strands of thread rather than fishing line or wire – if the necklace get hung up on something, it will simply break rather than pose a strangulation risk, and if it does break somehow, only the bead at the location of the break will fall, and they’re small enough beads that the risk of choking on it is extremely small. Would I allow her to wear a regular necklace unsupervised, especially at night? Absolutely not! She’s far too young, even at two. But these necklaces? Perfectly safe. And as to the bathtub, the water and soap won’t hurt it, so I see no reason to take it off.

Beat The Teething Blues With A Spark Of Amber Teething Necklace! | The Homemade Creative

I love Serenity’s Spark Of Amber necklace, and my only regret is that I didn’t get one for her sooner. This is definitely in my top five essential needs for baby!!

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2 comments on “Beat The Teething Blues With A Spark Of Amber Teething Necklace!”

  1. Kyndal said:

    I am amazed more and more with all the good stories k keep reading on amber teething necklaces. I would love one for my son but just do not have the money. So glad it worked so well for you.

    1. They’re pretty incredible. I’m hoping to be able to offer a giveaway at some point here, so if you’re a regular reader you might luck out. I’ve got another amber necklace review coming up this week or next, but no giveaway with that one either, I’m afraid. Hopefully soon! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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