Christmas Gift Guide 2013

Welcome to The Homemade Creative’s Christmas Gift Guide 2013!

This is our first year with the Guide, and we’re thrilled to bring you some great ideas for gifts this holiday season. Enjoy!

Keep cozy this Christmas with a pair of Daniel Green Jordyn Slippers! These Italian leather and fleece slippers are super comfortable and very pretty. You’ll love them!

Read our review HERE. { Giveaway Over }

You can purchase a pair of Jordyn Slippers for $60.00 from Daniel Green.


Do you like counting and sequence games? Then you’ll love 20 Express from Blue Orange Games! Build ascending sequences of numbers by thinking critically and planning out the best strategy for success. Play against yourself, or as many friends as will fit around your table!

Read our review of 20 Express HERE.

You can purchase a copy of 20 Express on Amazon for $11.69


Toddlers and preschool age children will love this fun wooden balancing and stacking game from Blue Orange Games! Stack ’em up, and don’t knock him down, because Keekee The Rocking Monkey is bananas!

Read our review of Keekee The Balancing Monkey HERE.

You can purchase Keekee The Rocking Monkey on Amazon for $17.49


If you’ve got kids ages 6 to 15, check out this fun educational card game from SET GamesQuiddler Jr. combines reading, spelling, matching, counting, and imagination.

Read our review of Quiddler Jr. HERE. { Giveaway Over }

You can purchase Quiddler Jr. on Amazon for $9.75


Merry Christmas, from our family to yours! We are HUGE Sandra Boynton fans, and we are thrilled to feature Frog Trouble, a fantastic new CD & Songbook album set, in this year’s Gift Guide! Also included in the review are Philadelphia Chickens and Blue Moo.

Check out our review of Frog Trouble HERE. { Giveaway Over }

You can purchase a copy of Frog Trouble on Amazon for $10.59


Hide God’s Word in your heart with Bible Word Search: Vol.1 – The Old Testament: Genesis this Christmas! The entire book of Genesis, broken down in 261 word search puzzles that will challenge and entertain you while filling your mind and heart with scripture.

Read our review of this puzzle book HERE.

You can purchase a copy from Elie’s Spiritual Treasures for $19.99


Debt-Proof Your Christmas by Mary Hunt is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn ways to keep spending under control during the holidays.

Read our review of this great book HERE.

You can purchase a copy from Debt-Proof Living for $12.99


Jesus, Me, and My Christmas Tree is a sweet boardbook that teaches kids Christmas traditions by explaining the meanings behind common elements on the Christmas tree.

Read our review and enter to win a copy HERE! { Giveaway Over }

You can purchase a copy on Amazon for $6.29


Do you love a romantic Christmas story that will warm your heart? Then you’ll love Twice Loved, a novella by Wanda E. Brunstetter, set in the days following WWII.

Read our review of this sweet book HERE.

You can purchase a copy on Amazon for $8.99


The story of the birth of Jesus comes to life in this animated musical, The Promise: Birth Of The Messiah. Music, dancing, lyrics straight from the gospel of Luke, and interesting historical detail make this a very unique Christmas movie.

Read our review of this animated film HERE.

The Promise is available for purchase on Amazon for $14.99


Be inspired and delighted this Christmas by this adorable animated film adaptation of Oliver Jeffers’ Lost And Found on DVD. It’s one of the best children’s films we’ve seen this year, and it’s absolutely gorgeous, to boot!

Check out our review of this wonderful movie, and enter to win one of THREE giveaway copies!! READ REVIEW { Giveaway Over }

Available on Amazon for $8.16


Waddya mean, cows can’t jump or quack??? Find out what animals can and can’t say and do in these cute books for babies, toddlers, and young readers. Cows Can’t Jump and Cows Can’t Quack are available in soft cover, board book, and eBook formats.

Check out our review of these fun books, and enter to win a copy of one of them for the kiddies in your life! READ REVIEW{ Giveaway Over }

eBook $3.99
Softcover $7.99
Boardbook $11.99

Available on Amazon and other retail websites.


Make some fun memories with your kids this Christmas with Spot It! Party from Blue Orange Games! This is a fun, fast paced game that will improve your hand-eye coordination and matching skills while making you laugh.

Read our review of this great family game, and enter to win Spot It! Party for your own family! READ REVIEW { Giveaway Over }

Available on the Blue Orange Games website for $19.99


Natasha Owens is an up and coming young singer in the Christian music industry. Her debut album, I Made It Through, contains nine beautiful songs that reach to the soul of those dealing with grief and suffering.

You can read our review of this CD here.

I Made It Through is available on Amazon for $8.99

*All items featured in The Homemade Creative’s Christmas Gift Guide 2013 were given to us free of charge in exchange for our honest review; all opinions are 100% our own. Learn more about our policies on our Disclosure page.*

*This gift guide was originally published on The Homemade Creative; I still love the items included in this guide, and I hope you enjoyed reading it! Rather than attempt to rebrand every item on this list after rebranding as Making My Cutie Mark, I decided to leave it as-is as a fun look back at past creative projects.*

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