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My darling Grama sent me this beautiful figurine by Willow Tree for Christmas, as a symbol of our relationship. Isn’t it grand?! I adore the figure, but not nearly as much as I adore and cherish my beloved Grama!! *hugs*
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3 comments on “Close To Me | Grama & Me”

  1. Ellen said:

    Beautiful, and something you will cherish always, I’m sure!

  2. Laura said:

    This is beautiful! I have a figurine like it from Willow Tree. It’s the guy/girl romantic one. Neal and I got it as a gift when we eloped!

  3. Alena said:

    I definitely will, Mom! I smile like an idiot every time I see it 😛

    Laura, which couple figurine is yours? I’ve seen a couple; I want to get the one that looks like they’re dancing from one angle, and kissing from another, for Nick and me 🙂

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