7 Clever Ways To Decorate Pumpkins

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While I’m not a big fan of Halloween, I do love decorating for this time of year. Several years back, I carved my first (and, so far, only) pumpkin, and I went a little crazy with it, and ended up with a trio of “cute” zombie pumpkins, and a very dead not-zombie pumpkin. Considering I am not at all into the scary side of this season, I surprised myself a bit, but decided to roll with it since I had so much fun! I’ll eventually try my hand at carving again, but not until Serenity’s a little bit older, I think – toddlers and sharp objects, and all (plus, she’d probably try to eat the pumpkin guts, yuck).

So this year, we’re going “no-carve” on our pumpkins! Unfortunately, this weekend was jam packed with stuff, so we haven’t had a chance to decorate our pumpkins, yet. I’ll show you ours a little later this week. In the meantime, check out a few fun ideas below, in 7 Clever Ways To Decorate Pumpkins, with a few other goodies to tickle your imagination this season…

7 Clever Ways To Decorate Pumpkins | The Homemade Creative

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1. Eeeek! Mini Pumpkins – you could do these a couple of different ways – sequins, tacks, mini-pompoms – and they’d be super cute however you did it. This mini pumpkin design from No Biggie is definitely on my list for next year’s decorations!

7 Clever Ways To Decorate Pumpkins | The Homemade Creative

2. Funny Mummy – a super quick and easy way to dress up a pumpkin of any size, this mummy pumpkin tutorial from A Little Bit Of This & That is adorable, and we love it!

7 Clever Ways To Decorate Pumpkins | The Homemade Creative

3. Chalkboard Pumpkin – a simple way to add a little class to your decor, with minimal supplies and a quick turn around. If you like the idea of being able to change things up, you’ll like this chalkboard pumpkin tutorial from Katie of Twin Stripe on Oubly.com that let’s you customize your fall message whenever you like!

7 Clever Ways To Decorate Pumpkins | The Homemade Creative

4. Painted & Tacked Pumpkin – simply spray paint your clean pumpkin in the color of your choice, and decorate however you like with thumbtacks. Check out this pretty design by Kelli Trontel, here.

7 Clever Ways To Decorate Pumpkins | The Homemade Creative

5. Kitten Pumpkin – if you’re prepared to go a little more labor-intensive, this kitten pumpkin tutorial by Paulina Kay for Oubly.com is pretty cute! It does involve some carving, but it’s pretty minimal.

7 Clever Ways To Decorate Pumpkins | The Homemade Creative

6. Doodle Pumpkin – the idea behind this doodle pumpkin by The Swell Designer is super simple. I’m actually already visualizing next year’s pumpkin design! Mine probably won’t be so simple, and that’s half the reason I love this design; it’s highly customize-able.

7 Clever Ways To Decorate Pumpkins | The Homemade Creative

7. Candy Corn Chevron Pumpkin – I think this may be one of my favorites, and is also in the running for next year. Here’s another great tutorial by The Swell Designer, for this super simple candy corn chevron pumkin!

7 Clever Ways To Decorate Pumpkins | The Homemade Creative

And there you have it! 7 Clever Ways To Decorate Pumpkins this autumn season.

Here’s a little something more, just for fun…

Want to get your friends and family in on the fun? Consider joining Mom 4 Real, and throwing a pumpkin decorating party!

Be sure to dress up your invitations with these fun fall or Halloween themed envelope liners you can easily make yourself. Create your own invitations, or consider one of these fantastic invitation designs from Oubly.com!

7 Clever Ways To Decorate Pumpkins | The Homemade Creative

Don’t forget to include tasty fall treats to delight your guests’ tummies. These white chocolate pumpkin cups from Growing Up Madison look incredible!

And be sure to add a splash of color to your front door, so they know where to go! I like this fun wreathe tutorial by Jade Louise Designs, though I’d opt for a less witchy design, personally. Scarecrow, maybe?

Do you have a baby? You can decorate them, too, with this adorable tie-dye candy corn onesie tutorial (again, from The Swell Designer – I think I have a crafter’s crush)!

You’ll want to send your guests home happy with a fun party favor, of course. Serenity votes for these cute “booo-bbles” from Tater Tots And Jello, and I second the motion.

7 Clever Ways To Decorate Pumpkins | The Homemade Creative

You can find more fun ideas all over Pinterest – start here!

What’s your favorite way to decorate pumpkins?

*This post is sponsored by Oubly.com – all opinions are 100% my own, and I only endorse things I am comfortable using with my own family.*

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10 comments on “7 Clever Ways To Decorate Pumpkins”

  1. Anne said:

    My kids always prefer to paint pumpkins. They don’t like the icky gooey pumpkin guts! These are some cute ideas.

    1. The guts ARE disgusting. I don’t blame them! Thanks for stopping by. ?

  2. Melanie Roberts said:

    Love these ideas.. I’m not a big carver, these are soo simple and can be done with the kids.. I usually do the mummy looking Pumpkin, thanks for sharing

    1. We were going to do the mummy pumpkin this year, but ran out of time to find the eyes, so we’re saving it for next year. I really liked carving the one time I did it, but I’m a HUGE perfectionist and get carried away really easily, so I decided it’s probably best to avoid carving until my daughter is old enough to understand mom needing four hours to do a pumpkin. #lol

  3. GiveawayBlogdom said:

    Such cute ideas! This year we painted out pumpkins to save time and mom. They always start out strong and then mom ends up carving everyone’s pumpkin. Painting them worked so much better!

    1. Nice! I’ll bet they’re awesome. I want to paint one next year, for sure!

  4. daisy said:

    All of these are so cute! I bet that my son would have fun making the mummy one.

    1. The mummy one is sooo cute, isn’t it!? My husband wants to do that one next year.

  5. Ben Butler said:

    I love that painted and tacked pumpkin. That’s very cool. These are all pretty sweet ideas though. The best part is that none of them involve a ton of carving. Call me the Halloween Grinch, but I HATE carving pumpkins.

    1. Isn’t it, though? I wanted to paint my pumpkin aqua blue, and do a silver swirl design with tacks, but ran out of time. I liked carving the one time I’ve done it, but with Serenity so young, it’s just not worth it to me, right now, so I hear you.

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