Go Bananas with Keekee The Rocking Monkey!

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When shopping for presents for our family – immediate and extended – games are an easy bet. We all love games! Family gatherings aren’t complete without them, and we’re always looking for new ones to add to our collections.
**We received a copy of this game for review.**
**All opinions are our own.**
Blue Orange Games has a delightfully diverse collection of games for all ages, and we are thrilled that they sent us a couple to review. We recently told you about one for school age children (you can enter to win a copy), but today we want to chat with you about a fun game intended for younger kids.
Keekee The Rocking Monkey is a fun balance-and-stack game for children ages three and up, and for one to four players. Kids test their skills by stacking three sizes of colorful wooden cylinders on the arms, feet, and head of a cute rocking wooden monkey standing on a banana. The object of the game is to stack all of the cylinders on Keekee without overbalancing him, and causing him to tip over. If more than one child is playing the game, the child with the most of his own color on the monkey wins when all cylinders are gone, or the monkey tips over.
This is a very cute, high quality wooden game that will last your kids a very long time. Blue Orange Games is known for quality, and Keekee The Rocking Monkey does not disappoint. I’m really excited to give this game to my niece and nephew for Christmas next week – they’re going to love it!
Note: The cylinders in this game are a choking hazard, and the game should not be given to any child who tends to put things in their mouth.
You can purchase Keekee The Rocking Monkey on Amazon, and you can connect with Blue Orange Games on their websiteFacebook, and Twitter.
Don’t forget to enter to win a copy of Spot It! Party before you go!
Do you play games with your toddlers or preschool age kids? What’s your favorite game for this age group? Are there any games under your tree this Christmas?

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Disclosure: We received a free copy of the game mentioned in this post in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are our own, and we only promote things we believe will benefit our readers.
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