Introducing the Graco Little Lounger in Dakota #Graco15ForMe

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The last time I chatted with you, I shared with you about what’s been going on behind the scenes for our family for the last two years. I didn’t expect to be back to blogging until January or maybe even February (and I still intend to be mostly absent until then), but a crazy thing happened, and here I am!

So…what happened?

Graco Little Lounger in Dakota

*I received a Graco Little Lounger and compensation in exchange
for attending a product unveiling and bringing you this honest
review. All opinions are my own.*

A couple of weeks into my break from blogging, Graco contacted me, inviting Serenity and me to attend a product unveiling party at the home of another local blogger, Emily of BabyDickey. I gave them the link to my post, and asked them if they still wanted me to write for them, and to my delight, they said yes! Nick and I talked it over, and we decided that we couldn’t pass up this wonderful opportunity to connect with a great brand like Graco, and to meet other Chicago area bloggers. And I’m so glad I did!


More than ten of us met together in Emily’s beautiful home, and listened as she demonstrated all of the great features of the newest offering by Graco, the Graco Little Lounger in Dakota. She did a fantastic job, and we had a great time interacting about this innovative new baby product.


The Graco Little Lounger in Dakota is the perfect 2-in-1 set up for Baby. It has a rocking seat with a gentle side-to-side motion that calms and soothes. Flip down the Rock Locks and it becomes a vibrating lounger with 2 speeds to settle Baby down. It features multiple reclining positions, a detachable toy bar, a safety harness, removable head support and machine washable liner. The Little Lounger folds compactly for convenient storage and portability.
~ description from product page at

My favorite feature of the Graco Little Lounger is the folding method. You simply push the big button on the front and pull, and it folds neatly in half and flat, making it super easy to store out of the way, or pack in trunk of your car, without needing to take it apart. The best part? It stands on its own when folded. SERIOUSLY. What a great feature!

The vibrating feature of this lounger is powered by a single D battery, saving you time and money over products that require multiple smaller batteries with shorter lifespans.

The seat is made of breathable fabric, with soft mesh sides and fleece edging for comfort and safety. The seat and harness cover are machine washable (directions are on the attached tags), and the whole thing can be easily wiped clean with soap and warm water (I use diluted vinegar in warm water to clean things like this, to avoid nasty chemicals and to disinfect). Want a great example of how easy this thing is to clean? Right before the party, Emily spilled hot coffee on the seat – and it wiped right off without soaking in or staining!! Now that’s impressive.

The only qualm I have about this product is that – while it is very cute and calming – the color scheme doesn’t seem like it would be very interesting to tiny eyes. The plush stars that hang down from the detachable toy bar are pretty, and all of the babies that tested the lounger batted at them, but I wonder how effectively they would keep Baby’s attention for more than a few minutes? I’m not convinced.

If you want to see more great features of the Graco Little Lounger, be sure to click through the links for product pages and other blogger reviews (found at the bottom of this post), and check out this video.

Most of the bloggers who attended the product unveiling are moms, and a couple had babies young enough to test the lounger. The Graco Little Lounger is rated for babies 5-30lbs, but it is recommended for safety reasons that you discontinue use of the lounger once your baby is old enough to sit up unassisted. Most babies reach this milestone long before they reach 30lbs, but I think the fact that this lounger can hold bigger babies would be especially useful for babies and small children with developmental delays or physical illnesses or disabilities that might mean they learn to sit later in life, if at all.

Serenity, along with a few of the other older babies and toddlers, was too old to test the lounger, but they had a great time rocking the babies that did get to try it out. I was sure glad Serenity’s had lots of practice being gentle with her younger cousin!


After the product presentation was complete, we had plenty of time to enjoy a catered lunch and get to know each other, while Rachel of rdArtistry gave several of us makeovers, and shared quick and easy tips for applying professional looking make-up in fifteen minutes or less. Those with young enough babies had the pleasure of having their makeovers done while their sweeties hung out in the Graco Little Lounger, while those of us whose babies were too big had to improvise. That’s Serenity, trying to leap off of my lap!

We had a great time, and were thrilled to bring home our very own Graco Little Lounger in Dakota for review, and a complimentary gift certificate to rdArtistry. It was especially nice to meet all of the other bloggers who came to the event! And I would like to say a big “Thank You!!” to Emily of BabyDickey for hosting such a fun event! It was super great to meet you, and you have a lovely home!

If you’re interested in purchasing a Graco Little Lounger for yourself or a loved one, you have a couple of options. The Dakota design featured in this post is a Target exclusive, but there are also four additional designs. My personal favorites are Dakota for a boy, and Caraway for a girl.

Exclusively available at Babies R Us in the Caraway pattern.

Exclusively available at Target in the Dakota and Elm pattern.

Exclusively available at buybuy Baby in the Astoria pattern.

Also available at general line and specialty stores in the Ardmore pattern.

Want to read more reviews of the Graco Little Lounger in Dakota?

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You can also connect with Graco on Facebook and Twitter, and follow the conversation using the hashtag #Graco15ForMe on both social media platforms.

So tell me ~ what is your favorite feature of the Graco Little Lounger, and would you use this for your baby? And have you ever had a professional makeover? If so, what did you think / learn?

Disclosure: I received a Graco Little Lounger in Dakota for review, and was compensated for my time. That said, all opinions are completely my own, and I only recommend products that I am comfortable using myself, and believe may benefit my readers. My opinions may differ from the opinions of others. This post is in compliance with FTC regulations, state and federal law, and the polices of this blog. To learn more, please visit our Disclosure and PR Friendly pages, and contact Alena at with any questions or concerns.

*Photos courtesy of, Baby Dickey, My Work At Home World, and Mom Mart.*
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5 comments on “Introducing the Graco Little Lounger in Dakota #Graco15ForMe”

  1. Aww, thank you! Thanks for coming out, it was great to meet you!! I love the makeup tips we got, I’ve never had anything like that and I definitely learned some things 🙂 Interesting point about the colors/patterns not being attractive to a baby… I do like that they’re attractive to me though, haha. Maybe since those stars just velcro on, people could velcro on some other little toys that their baby loves! Hopefully we have more local events our way and we see each other again!

    1. I learned a lot about makeup, too. Now to see if I can remember it all when I finally get new makeup of my own, right?? Ha. I really liked what the bronzer did to my complextion, and I found out that the reason concealer never worked for me is that I was using it wrong. Woops! Good to know, though, and kind of a relief.

      Good point, about attaching different little toys with velcro. I didn’t think of that. I love the colors, too, but I had a bouncer by another brand that had very soft, calming colors, and my daughter hated it unless I attached bright toys to the bar by the muted ones. I’m not sure this bar is stiff enough to do that, but light toys attached to the velcro should work!

      I hope we get to meet up again, too 🙂 I don’t get up to there often, but I’d love to have lunch some time, if you’d be interested?

  2. It does seem like a great lounger and I have to say that I’m not entirely sure if babies would be interested in it for more than a few minutes either. They could have made it a bit brighter and more interesting. I like bright stuff. Happy you’re back to blogging though. Can’t wait to read your upcoming posts!

    1. I love bright colors, too, as does my daughter. I got this gorgeous bouncer and swing for her before she was born, in soft sand colors with pale blue and yellow toys hanging down…and she hated them! Oh, she liked the motion, but she got bored in minutes, and would cry until someone picked her up. #sigh Her cousins had a bright blue bouncer with bright colored toys, and she loved that thing.

    2. And thank you! I’m glad to be back, too, even if only on a limited basis for now.

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