Happy Mother’s Day | Two Weeks Old

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Happy Mother’s Day to the women in my life who have made a difference…
To my mother, Ellen, who taught me right from wrong, and introduced me to Jesus ~ thank you for instilling in me a vast hunger for truth, for righteousness, and for the face of God.
To my Grama, Marilyn, who never sugar coated the truth when I needed a good talking to, and at the same time always made her deep love of me known ~ thank you for always being there, and for your shining example of what it means to follow Christ with your life.
To Cindy, who shows me daily through her practical example how to live a productive life that’s glorifying to God and satisfying to her family ~ thank you for being the best mother-in-law in a girl could ever have, and for raising such an incredible son to be my husband.
To my Aunt Debbie, who took me into her home while I was dating Nick, and took away the homesickness when I felt displaced ~ thank you for treating me like your 3rd daughter.
And to Grama Linda, who taught me many valuable lessons about living in grace during difficult times, and who shared her wisdom and love with me, as well as her home, for almost three years ~ thank you for your servant’s heart, for your devotion to your family, and for accepting me as your granddaughter. You are an incredible woman, and I miss you enormously ?
And finally, to all of the wonderful women I know who inspire and uplift me by their shining examples of faithfulness, patience, grace under pressure, and steadfast love. You have all touched my life in immeasurable ways, and I salute you today ~ thank you for helping me, by your own lives, to be a good mother to my little Serenity, and a good wife to my beloved Nick. I love you all very much!
Happy 2 Week Birthday, Baby Serenity!! *hearts*
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3 comments on “Happy Mother’s Day | Two Weeks Old”

  1. Susi said:

    Hope you had a wonderful first Mother’s Day. The pictures are adorable and your baby girl is precious. So happy for you!!! 🙂

  2. Silver said:

    I think Serenity has your nose. ^_^

  3. Thank you! 🙂 I had a lovely day 🙂 Sylvi, Nick thinks so, too 🙂

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