Hide God’s Word in Your Heart with Bible Word Search: Vol.1 – The Old Testament: Genesis

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I really enjoy doing word searches and other types of word puzzles (though I’m sadly not very good at crossword puzzles), so I was intrigued when I was offered a copy of Bible Word Search: Vol.1 – The Old Testament: Genesis for review.
Bible Word Search is a series of Bible-based word search puzzle books produced by Elie Corpus, of Elie’s Spiritual Treasures. Elie was inspired to create a new way to read and absorb the Word of God by her love of word puzzles and scripture. This is the first installation in a series of Bible Word Search puzzle books that will eventually span the entire English Bible! Elie has also created a three-part series of word search books that compliment the Catholic Lectionary for Mass.
Bible Word Search: Vol.1 – The Old Testament: Genesis is a substantial book, containing 261 full page word search puzzles! Each puzzle is a three to ten verse passage of scripture, beginning with Genesis 1:1-8 and ending with Genesis 50:21-26, with key words bolded and underlined, and hidden in the word search puzzle. To solve the puzzle, you are literally reading and rereading sections of the Bible; talk about hiding God’s work in your heart!
That’s the entire book of Genesis in 261 word search puzzles!! WOW!!!
I don’t normally gush in my reviews, but people, think about it! How many times do you think you would have to read six or seven verses of scripture in order to find 30+ words in a word search puzzle? You’d basically be memorizing scripture while playing a game! And not just the standard memory verse passages – all of it! And Elie isn’t stopping at Genesis.

She’s writing a word search book for all sixty-six books of the Bible.

I am stunned, people. Stunned. Can you even imagine the work that went into this book??? With this series of books, you could memorize the entire Bible without even trying!!
You can pick up a copy of Bible Word Search: Vol.1 – The Old Testament: Genesis on Elie’s website for $19.99 (as of the time of this writing). Check out her story, and follow her on Facebook, to learn more about this impressive woman and her ministry.
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Disclosure: We received the book mentioned in this post free in exchange for this honest review. All opinions are our own, and may differ from those of others.

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