Kansas Trip: Part One – Teething, Parks, and Birthdays

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Last month, Serenity and I took the train from Chicago to Wichita, to visit my sister Tina and her family. She’s not really my sister, but we’ve known each other since I was four and she was eight, and have been close our whole lives. We consider ourselves family, so we finally said “what the heck” and started calling each other “sister”. I’ve been Aunt Alena to her kids for years, and now she’s Aunt Tina to my daughter.

Kansas Trip: On The Train

The last time I was in Kansas, I found out I was pregnant with Serenity. No kidding! First day there, exhausted from the 15 hour trip (and morning sick, though I didn’t know it), and Tina pestered me about testing until I finally relented and did it just to shut her up. #lol And guess what? POSITIVE. After four years of nothing. Well, “nothing” plus losing almost 40lbs in six months, and radically changing my diet!

Poor Serenity did not have a very good train ride on the way down to meet her new relatives. The poor girl woke up the morning of our trip with a 102.4 degree fever. It responded well to Infants’ Advil, and she seemed like her normal self, so we decided it was most likely related to teething (she’s working on all four of her canines). Nick took us to the bus station in Rockford to head into downtown Chicago, and we hoped for the best. Unfortunately, we didn’t get “the best” – we got lots of crying instead. Thankfully, she also slept most of the way. The one perk of traveling overnight, even if we did have to get off the train at 3am.

Kansas Trip: Cousins

Tina has seven children, and another on the way. It was a full house! Thankfully, they have this incredible dining room table (pictured, above), so we were all still able to eat together comfortably. It’s got thirteen leaves that aren’t even in the table right now!

Kansas Trip: Part One - Teething, Parks, and Birthdays | The Homemade Creative

Tina and I took the kids to a local park one afternoon. We had a blast! Selina and Seth are the oldest, at eight – they’re twins – and they were so good with Serenity, helping her on the slide, and actively involving her in their play. Serenity adores her “Deedee” and “Buddy”. ?

Kansas Trip: Part One - Teething, Parks, and Birthdays | The Homemade Creative

After the crazy winter we just survived, Kansas spring was a balmy 75 degrees, and lovely! It was so nice to be able to spend time outside, and Serenity couldn’t get enough. Truthfully, neither could I. ?

Eva turned six right before our visit, and Natalina turned one while we were there. Since Serenity’s 2nd birthday was only a couple of weeks away, Tina and I decided to give the girls a joint birthday party!

Kansas Trip: Part One - Teething, Parks, and Birthdays | The Homemade Creative

Unfortunately, Serenity was still feeling yucky, and she kept melting down. Not getting to eat the “keck” as soon as she saw it didn’t help.

It was a fun party! Tina got all of the girls tutus and fairy wings, and the boys got cool hats. Her older children decorated the house with streamers and balloons, and her husband, Tyler, cooked up a delicious meal for all of us before going to work. We almost lost the cake when Natalina somehow managed to crawl up onto the table, and tried to help herself! #lol

Kansas Trip: Part One - Teething, Parks, and Birthdays | The Homemade Creative

Thanks to a combination of Infants’ Advil and homeopathic remedies, Serenity was able to enjoy our visit, for the most part. Tina’s family is on a much later schedule than we are, so we took a lot of morning walks together. They live out in the country in a pleasant area, and Serenity had a blast picking up “rock babies” every day!

Have you ever been to Kansas?

How far do you have to travel to see loved ones?

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