Kansas Trip: Part Two – Wichita Exploration Place

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I met Dominique, of My Work At Home World, at the Rockford GRACO event last fall.She brought her daughter, Bella, and Serenity thought it was the coolest thing ever, getting to rock Bella in the GRACO Little Lounger that was being demonstrated. Dominique and I almost missed actually meeting each other, but another new blogger friend, Katy, of Moving Through Life, introduced us as we were all leaving. We struck up a friendship over Facebook, and met up again at the Chicago Toy And Game Fair a month later. We’ve been online friends ever since!

Dominique and her family moved from Chicago down to the Kansas City area a few months ago, and while we lived just far enough apart before to rarely see each other, now we are definitely too far apart for visits. #sadpanda So when I told her I was going to be in the Wichita area back in April, we decided to meet up! She picked us up from Tina’s house, and we decided to check out the Wichita Exploration Place


We had a ton of fun exploring the Wichita Exploration Place! Serenity and JW, Dominique’s son, got along famously, and Bella had a lot of fun toddling around with her mom. I followed the older two around, taking pictures, and they had so much fun exploring! There’s a three story tall castle play structure for younger children, and Serenity and JW were hilarious and adorable, checking it all out.

They liked the room for older kids, too, but everything was too advanced for them – except for the rock wall, which they both attempted to climb repeatedly. It was awesome watching them talk to each other in gibberish, trying to figure out how to get both feet off the floor at the same time!

We spent a little while in the Tot’s Spot, just letting the kids play and run around while Dominique and I sat and visited, and then we took a quick turn through the Kansas In Miniature exhibit before heading out for dinner.

Golden Corral wrapped up our day together. The kids were so cute – all three of them kept trying to share their food with each other, and Serenity and JW were both so sweet, helping Bella with her cup whenever she’d knock it over or try to drop it. Dominique and I had a great time visiting about everything under the sun, and we were both sad when it was time for her to drop us off, and go our separate ways. I have no clue when we might see each other again, and I’m super glad we’re both online all the time for our blogs! Speaking of which, Dominique writes a killer blog, and you should definitely check it out! #wink

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