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I listened to One Direction on the radio for months before I had a clue who they were, or that half the population of female teenagers in the world is madly in love with them (maybe more than teenagers, not gonna go there). Songs like Story Of My Life with it’s catchy tune that makes you want to dance (but not really, thanks to its somewhat disturbing lyrics), and What Makes You Beautiful (which has better lyrics, except for the whole “To prove I’m right, I put it in a song” – really?!), and…okay, so those are really the only two I actually like, but you get the picture.

Then I found out that they have a makeup line.

Um, seriously?

I guess I missed out the crazy-infatuation-with-boy-bands phase of life-as-a-girl because the closest I ever came was with DC Talk (and you just don’t crush on Christian guys singing about being Jesus Freaks), and later Lifehouse (c’mon, you can’t not love Broken and Everything). Presented with the option, I would definitely have worn their t-shirts or a nifty wrist cuff, but makeup? No thanks.

So I’m not really sure why I said yes when offered a chance to see one of the three new limited edition makeup kits from One Direction. Curiosity? Wondering what I missed out on as a teenager? Whatever possessed me, I did say yes, and here we are…

Make Up By One Direction: Up All Night Collection | Review by The Homemade Creative

First off, it’s not lost on me that the guys that sang that “you don’t need makeup to cover up” are making millions on girls of all ages buying their make up line. Maybe I’m being picky, but that seems a little disingenuous to me.

The three makeup collections are Midnight Memories (based on this song), Take Me Home (based on this song), and Up All Night (based on this song). I received the Up All Night makeup collection, to test and review.

The collection is housed in a good sized decorative tin, each piece fitted neatly into a plastic pop-out form, designed to match the faded brick that decorates the outside of the box. The inside of the lid features an artistic graphic that highlights the contents, and suggests possibilities for eye makeup techniques. Getting the makeup out of the plastic form was a pain, so I don’t know that it’s great for long term use, but the box itself is sturdy and could be re-purposed for loose makeup containment, or as a jewelry box, etc.

The Make Up By One Direction Up All Night Collection contains the following items…

  • “Taken” – Liquilights Glow Gloss, glittery pink and glows neon orange under black light.
  • 4+1 Eye Shadow Palette in blues and neutrals…
  • “More Than This” – soft blushing pink
  • “Gotta Be You” – silvered taupe shimmer
  • “Save You Tonight” – shimmering turquoise blue
  • “Another World” – royal blue shimmer
  • “Up All Night” – sapphire glitter creme
  • “I Should Have Kissed You” – bubble gum pink creme lipstick
  • “Little Black Dress” – volumizing black mascara
  • “Na Na Na” – aqua-blue metallic chrome nail varnish
  • “Stand Up” – dark denim eye and body crayon
  • 5 piece decorator stencil set for use on you and your stuff

The second I opened the box and saw the colors, I knew I was in trouble. I’m not afraid of color, but the pretty shades in this collection remind me of things I might wear, or decorate with, not what I’d want to put on my face. The shades are extremely bold and bright, and I’m just unconvinced it’s a good look for anyone. Determined to be a good sport, I tried it on anyway…

One Direction Makeup - Not My Cup Of Tea | The Homemade Creative

This kit did not come with foundation, and I’m currently out, so I applied a thin layer of Almay Smart Shade Concealer (light – 010) to my face, focusing on problem areas, to give myself a nice even base to work with. The kit did not include blush, either, and I don’t have any, so my cheeks are bare.

I applied “Save You Tonight” to my eyelid, from corner to corner and up to the edge of the crease. I followed it with “Gotta Be You” in the crease, and “More Than This” on the upper lid to my brow, and out to the edge (please pardon the un-plucked brows, I have a toddler). I finished off the eye with the “Stand Up” shimmery blue crayon, blending the edges, and applied “Little Black Dress” mascara to both my upper and lower lashes.

I finished off the look with a base coat of “I Should Have Kissed You” creme lipstick, and a light sweep of “Taken” glitter gloss. The lipstick felt very sticky to me, but the gloss has a nice moisturizing feel to it that I like (just wish I liked the bright shade of pink).

I attempted to use the included stencils to apply a sparkly diamond to my cheek bone using “Up All Night” sapphire glitter creme, but I don’t like how it turned out; the creme clumped when I pulled off the stencil, smudging the design. I think it would have worked better had I used a powder, perhaps “Another World”.

The eye shadows are very soft, and I appreciate that once on I can’t feel them at all. I did experience significant flaking while applying them, which was pretty annoying as I kept having to stop and clean up the fallen powder from my cheeks and below my eyes. I personally think that the blues are way too brilliant for eye makeup, but Nuccia (a beauty blogger from Montreal) pulled off the blues beautifully in her review, so maybe it’s a personal preference thing. If you’re curious about the other collections, Bebe Zeva of Fated To Be Hated has a great look at the Midnight Memories kit, including a tutorial for way-over-the-top eyes (which, if you’re going to wear makeup like this, is the way to go). Chelsey of My Beauty Full Adventure has a nice recap of the Take Me Home kit, which is the one I’d hoped to receive as it’s more “girl next door” and less “fangirl at a rave” than the one I ended up with.

"Na Na Na" Nail Polish From One Direction | The Homemade Creative

The only thing from the Up All Night collection that I’m keeping is the “Na Na Na” aqua-blue metallic chrome nail varnish. The color saturation you see in the photo is from three coats – it was very sheer with only one or even two, so this isn’t a quick application. Thankfully, it dries very quickly, doesn’t streak or run, and even has a pleasant scent! The only complaint I have about this nail varnish is that the lid is flimsy and doesn’t fit the bottle very well, and the applicator brush is cheap and the bristles splay easily. In practical terms, this means you want to be very careful with the lid or it will snap off, and you want to apply the varnish with a light hand to prevent unsightly edges on your nails.

Since I am neither a fangirl nor in need of another jewelry box, and I already have a box where I store love letters and cards Nick has given me over the years, we had to come up for another use for the decorative tin that originally housed the makeup collection. I polled my two year old for ideas, and here’s what she came up with once I convinced her that she was NOT going to get to wear the blue eye shadow (and consoled her with a cheese stick)…

My Little Pony Meets One Direction | The Homemade Creative

I think One Direction and Serenity’s My Little Pony collection will be quite happy together, don’t you?

And because it IS a fun song, here’s the What Makes You Beautiful music video, to brighten your day…

One Direction makeup kits released in August, and are available at department stores like Macy’s and Dillards. To keep up with news for this band, check out their Facebook page.

Who Was/Is Your Fangirl Music Crush?

Disclosure: I received a complimentary makeup collection from Markwins via Brandbacker. All opinions are my own.

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2 comments on “Makeup By One Direction: Up All Night Collection”

  1. Nuccia said:

    Hi Alena! Thanks for the mention! It was not easy to pull off some of the looks given, as you say, the bold colors and definitely targeting some much younger than me! lol but nonetheless it was fun to be a part of this launch!

    I’ll be looking out for your posts! 🙂

    1. No problem, thank you for stopping by! ? Yes, definitely targeted to a young audience, no doubt about it. The worst part is that I LOVE that bright turquoise!! I’d totally wear that color in ANY other way.

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