Mild Mannered Baby Picks Out Her Own Clothes, Super Baby Sighted

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This beautiful little girl greeted me Sunday morning with an armful of clothing, both hers and mine. Apparently, Nick asked her what she wanted to wear to church, and instead of pointing like she usually does, she dove right into the laundry basket and picked out her own outfit. He put a kibosh on a pair of his underwear, and a second onesie, but let her keep…
A pink onesie…

My lacy tank top…

And a knit gnome stocking cap.
{ All photos copyright Alena Belleque. DO NOT COPY. }
I called her over to me, and she gave me a big hug and kiss before showing me all of her clothing picks, happily jabbering about each one, grinning like a goober the whole time. Changing out of her jammies and into her clothes took some doing, as she was convinced we were trying to steal her stuff and screamed every time we made her release her death grip to get her arms out of her jammy top, but we eventually prevailed.
(We don’t normally use baby powder, but the poor girl’s bottom is raw with a horrible diaper rash, and we are desperate. It didn’t help, but Serenity had a fun time talking into the top like a microphone.)
I love that of all of the onesies available, she chose the grubby stained one that says “I L?ve Mom” on it. So sweet!
Super Baby!!
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5 comments on “Mild Mannered Baby Picks Out Her Own Clothes, Super Baby Sighted”

  1. Ashley S said:

    Awww what a cutie!!

  2. Juliana RW said:

    It’s not just super baby but also super cute 😀

  3. Gabby OBrien said:

    What a cute little hat, and child!

  4. LOVE it! The red hair is adorable!

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