My Little Green Space & The Clickety-Clackety Crab

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My talented younger sister, Jessica, welded this awesome crab for me back in 2008. He’s hung out on our porch (or in our bathroom, at one point, until Nick declared that it was watching him, and it had to leave), since shortly before our first anniversary.
About a month ago, Nick sent me out on a “mommy date” (otherwise known as, “mom goes to the store and dinner by herself, while dad watches the kiddlette”), and I found a gorgeous purple Celosia at Menard’s. It’s not quite so gorgeous anymore, as I keep forgetting to water it and have to revive it on the edge of extinction, and it’s once vibrant buds are slowly turning a washed out white…
But I still love it, and am undeservedly incredibly proud that it’s still alive!
I have a pretty little pot full of English Ivy on the dining room table, that I’ll show you another time.
These are really my first potted plants, since college (my friend, Laura, and I got little baby cacti, that died inglorious deaths at the hands of others), and I’m really excited to add to my little green collection as time goes by.
What about you? Do you have a green thumb, or a black one…or are you like me, and are just now finding out? Or do you care less about plants, and have some other happy moment in your life right now that you’d like to chat about? I’d love to hear from you ?
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