New Friends + Dooodolls Giveaway!

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One of the cool things about being a blogger is the wild stuff that crosses your path, and sometimes ends up at your house. I’m pretty excited to share this particular wild stuff with you, because we’ve had a blast playing with it!

Meet the Dooodolls

Dooodolls Blinky


Dooodolls Pinkie Pirate

Pinkie Pirate

Dooodolls Cupido


Dooodolls Ninja


Dooodolls Sunny Twin

Sunny Twin

The wonderful folks at BSV Toys sent us a huge box stuffed with all five of the cute Dooodolls monsters you see, above, complimentary for review consideration. Sunny Twin was on the top, and when Serenity saw him she screamed, grabbed him, and started dancing around the living room, hugging and kissing him, saying, “Oooh!! OhOhOhOHHHH!!!!!” It was stinkin’ adorable.

Serenity’s favorite of the Dooodolls is Sunny Twin, but she also adores Cupido, and likes to use him as a pillow. Cupido has a pretty friend named Cupipi, and we hope to add her to the family soon!

These fun plush dolls are made of super soft minky fabric, and stuffed with equally soft and cushy filler fluff. I’m really impressed with the construction and details – these are super well made toys! And insanely cute. And soft. Did I mention that they’re cute and soft?


Each Dooodolls plush doll comes with a little booklet that tells a little about your new friend, and doubles as a catalog, showing all the other characters, and telling a little about them, too. Serenity loved the catalog, and insisted on “reading her book” over and over again. #lol

Dooodolls was created by a young man named Chen. Based in Malaysia, this quirky phenomenon quickly spread into other parts of Asia, and then on to the rest of the world, and is now available in the United States exclusively through BSV Toys. You can see all of the currently available Dooodolls here, and if you want you can see the entire collection – some are currently sold out – here. And if you want to go really crazy with your new Dooodolls obsession, and don’t mind international shipping charges, you can order a whole ton of cool merchandise here. #affiliatelink <—- That’s also where you’ll find fun games, stories, and other wacky stuff related to these funny dolls!

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Serenity's Dooodolls

Thank you, BSV Toys, for sending us new friends! Serenity and her Dooodolls salute you! ?

And now, for a GIVEAWAY!!!

Dooodolls Giveaway

BSV Toys has kindly offered to sponsored a Dooodolls giveaway! One lucky reader will walk away with their very own Cupido by Dooodolls!!! The original plan was for us to give away the Cupido doll that was sent to us, but when BSV Toys heard how much Serenity had fallen in love with him, they offered to send a second doll directly to the winner so she can keep her new friend (she got ahold of him before I could hide him). Wasn’t that nice of them?!

To enter or win this giveaway, you must be at least 18 years old, and a resident of the United States. This offer is VOID where prohibited by law. Only entries received via the Rafflecopter widget, below, are valid, and you must complete all three mandatory entries to qualify. Once you’ve done that, more entries will appear, and you can do as many or as few of those as you like, for extra chances to win. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Which Dooodoll do you like best?

Does your child have a favorite stuffy?

If you win, who will you give Cupido to?

Disclosure: We received the products shown in this post free of charge for review consideration. All opinions are our own. This post contains an affiliate link – if you make a purchase from that link, we will receive a small monetary thank you. This does NOT affect your purchase price! To learn more about our policies, please read our Disclosure.

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12 comments on “New Friends + Dooodolls Giveaway!”


    if I won I would give it to my little boy Phillip. I’m sure he’d love it when he gets a little bigger. They are so cute!

  2. courtney gibson said:

    If I win I am going to give it to my son. He loves stuffed animals he calls everyone of them pappy.

    1. That’s hilarious! 😛

  3. Karen Cloutier said:

    I would love to win this for my grandkids!

  4. Jen Gregar said:

    Love these! If I won, I would definitely give it to my daughter. She is two and just LOVES her stuffed animal “friends”. I think she would love this quirky little guy

    1. Jen Gregar said:

      Forgot to leave my RaffleCopter entry name… it’s Jenn CG

      1. No problem, thanks for letting me know!

    2. Good luck to your little sweetie! ?

  5. Cálaeb Temple said:

    i like Cupido.

  6. Jenn said:

    Shy would love cupido…

  7. Kelli said:

    Sunny twin is definitely the best. It’s happy and huge! 😀

    1. Isn’t he, though? I love that most of these dolls come in 2 sizes, so you can choose how enormous you want them. I’d love to get the Red Twin for Serenity, too!

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