One Shot Wednesday | An Introduction

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The creative team over at One Stop Poetry – A place where poets, writers and artists meet… started a project some seven or eight months ago – a weekly posting of original poetry, to bring together writers from all over the blogosphere into a new, poetic community. Today, over two thousand poems have been posted and shared all over the world, and this inspired team of individuals is producing their first anthology of poetry. “Best of One Shot – the first six months” will be published by Limited Editions Press in their “Poetry Is Life” series. My good friend, Laura Page, who blogs over at Literary Legs, began participating in One Shot Wednesday a few weeks ago, and I am thrilled to join her, beginning today!
Down Through The Ages
an original poem by Alena Belleque
The years come, and the years go
Leaving behind them tracks in the snow
Oral tradition, like panning for gold
Come sit by the fire, come out of the cold
***   ***   ***   ***   ***
I’ll tell you a story, please listen tonight
To the web I will spin in the golden fire light
Woven history from the corners of my mind
A fragrant mystery, a child’s delight
To learn how to participate in One Shot Wednesday, click on the the link to be taken to the instructions page on their site. I hope to see you around!
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2 comments on “One Shot Wednesday | An Introduction”

  1. Sylvia said:

    I like your poem. ^_^

  2. Alena said:

    Thanks, Sylvi ♥

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