Introducing The New Oubly Blogger Perks Program

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This past spring, I introduced you to a wonderful stationary company called Oubly, and showed you the beautiful business cards they sent me for my blog. Now that I’m preparing to launch a second blog, I’m in need of a new set of cards. Thanks to Oubly’s new blogger program, I’ll be able to create a set to match my current cards, and save money doing it! I’m thrilled to work with again, and I hope you will consider using them for your next stationary order because they’re top-to-bottom wonderful. ?

Introducing The New Oubly Blogger Perks Program | The Homemade Creative

*This is a sponsored guest post, for a company that I wholeheartedly endorse!*

The print company Oubly has quickly made a name for itself as the one-stop online shop for individuals and businesses that want distinctive, elegant, yet affordable announcements, invitations, and cards for their life events and special projects. Now the stationery boutique is giving bloggers across the Interest cause to take notice. Online writers can apply to become part of Oubly’s Blogger Perks Program.

Eligible candidates can get 50% off the purchase of Oubly’s edge painted premium business cards for an entire year, as well as multiple free services. will proof and file correct every order at no cost, and will provide free shipping for orders of $49 or more. Just as important, customers are guaranteed gorgeous edge painted business cards, at a highly affordable price, and a 100% delightful purchasing experience.

The new Oubly Blogger Perks Program aims to promote a supportive spirit among online professionals. To take advantage of this exclusive promotion, bloggers can go to Oubly’s premium business card Blogger Perks Program page to submit their requests to be added to the Blogger Perks Program. Upon verifying each request, will provide via email an exclusive code. Customers can immediately use this code to choose from among Oubly’s many original card designs, or they can upload their own edge painted business card designs.


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Be sure to check out my Oubly business cards review, and keep an eye out because as soon as they arrive I’ll be showing off my new cards with the Girl Unfurled design! ? And maybe a giveaway?? I’m thinking DEFINITELY a giveaway!!

What’s your favorite Oubly design?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored guest post; I was compensated for sharing this post with you, however all opinions are my own and I 100% endorse this fabulous company because they ROCK!! I only support and promote brands I believe in; to learn more about my policies, check out my Disclosure.

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4 comments on “Introducing The New Oubly Blogger Perks Program”

  1. Oh goodness, with my rebranding, this is perfect!! Before my next conference, I need to make sure I check into this!

    1. Awesome! I’m looking forward to seeing what you get. I’m considering designing a dual-sided card for my blogs, together. As in, The Homemade Creative on one side, and Girl Unfurled on the other. What do you think?

      1. I think that’d be wonderful!! Much more efficient than two cards.

      2. That was my thought. And the thickness on these cards makes them stand out from the crowd, so they’re more likely to be turned over. I’m also planning to add little touches to both of my blogs that tie them together design-wise, even though they’ll have very different looks and feels overall. I think that will help in the design of the card (we don’t want a Two-Face situation!), and I’ll chose a color for the painted edge that brings them together even more.

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