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Whether you’re off to college, moving into a new place, or you’re like me and are trying to store 6 sizes of little girl clothes at once, everyone needs a little help when it comes to finding the right storage solution. 

Packaways can help! They have styles in Classic, Totes, and Under Bed storage, and they fold flat for easy storage when they’re not in use.

I had the pleasure of reviewing the pink and green Classic boxes, and I absolutely love them!!! If I have my choice, I will never use another regular storage tote again, and if you know me, you know that I adore my bright and colorful plastic storage tubs, so that’s really saying something.

Here are some great features of these storage boxes…

  • Corrugated Plastic, Protects from Water & Humidity
  • Instant Set-Up, No Tape Required
  • Reuse Hundreds of Times
  • Collapses Flat When Not in Use
  • Unique Wipe Away End Panel
I received these boxes just in time to help me transport food and party stuff for my sister-in-law Kristine’s baby shower, back in September. They worked great!

I used the larger pink box to carry gifts, decorations, balloons, and about 15 other random party supplies. I left this box open to accommodate the taller items and the inflated balloons, and the box held stability beautifully.

I used the green Classic box to transport the food, including a full sized crock pot full of apricot meatballs, and 5 2 liter bottles of lemon lime soda for punch, and not only did the box hold up extraordinarily well, it held up better than I did, trying to carry it! Considering that these boxes use folds to hold their bottoms and tops together – no tape – that is extremely impressive!

The two boxes fit in easily in the backseat of a little Toyota sedan along with Serenity in her carseat, a diaper bag, the large crib bedding set you see in the picture above, and a huge box of cookies. Had both boxes been closed, I could have fit another one on top, no problem!

So, what are these boxes good for when you’re not transporting baby shower goodies? Lots of things! Personally, I am using the pink one to store clothes and other things that Serenity is no longer using, but that I hope to use with my future children. I’m using the green one to store clothes, shoes, and accessories for Serenity that she has not yet grown into. One of my favorite things about these boxes is that if at some point I don’t need to use them for a while, I can simply fold them flat and slide them into a discreet storage spot somewhere until I do need them again. Easy as pie, and super convenient.

Be sure to check out Packaways on their website and on Facebook. The Classic boxes pictured are available in 3 colors or in a natural white, starting at $8.95. 

A big thank you to the fine folk at Packaways for sending me these products using in exchange for this honest review. All opinions are my own, and may differ from the opinions of others.
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