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*I received product to facilitate this post.*

Bath time is a BIG DEAL at our house. Serenity used to love taking baths every chance she got, but she had a traumatic shower experience a few months ago involving poop (not hers – another child’s), and has been gun shy of water ever since (just wait ’til I tell you about our recent trip to the Wisconsin Dells). So for the last couple of months, bath time has been a major production, generally with lots of squealing and thrashing of little arms and legs.

PeppyParents came to my rescue big time, by sending me a jar of bubble bath and a rubber ducky, to liven things up. While they haven’t fixed the problem, they certainly haven’t hurt. Because, BUBBLES!!!

A PeppyParents Bath Time | The Homemade Creative

I’ve heard a lot about Aden + Anais so I’m glad we got to try their bubble bath. It’s free of pretty much everything you can think of that you wouldn’t on (or in) your baby. Which is good, since Serenity promptly drank a bit gulp of “da bob-bulls!!” She spit it right back out because it apparently didn’t taste too great, but it’s nice to know it’s not going to hurt her if she gets any in her tummy. The only thing I don’t care for with this bubble bath is that it doesn’t really smell like anything, except maybe plain soap, and the bubbles are minimal. It cleans her up just fine, though, and while there aren’t very many bubbles, they last so she can play with them, unlike regular soap bubbles.

We also received a Boon Odd Duck to play with. They come in several colors, and we love the slim blue one that we got! It’s skinny and has paint splats on it – and best of all, it’s water tight, so no yucky mildew or mold!! I keep having to replace Serenity’s bath toys because water gets stuck inside of them and ruins them, so I’m thrilled to have a high quality bath toy that will last for years. Better yet, the plastic is bpa-, pvc- and phthalate-free!

PeppyParents is a fantastic site designed to be “A Mom’s Trusted Choice In Baby Gear”. With high quality products ranging from strollers to blankets to rubber ducks to sippy cups, they’re a one stop shop for the savvy parent on the hunt for quality, safety, and a good deal. Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, PeppyParents is family owned and operated, and is a trusted source for everything baby. They even have a blog that’s stuffed with great reviews and tips, and a baby registry!

I’m pretty excited that I got to see some PeppyParents favorites, and I can’t wait to tell you about the other fantastic product they sent Serenity!

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