Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag Review & Giveaway from The Green Nursery

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I had every intention in the world to use cloth diapers with Serenity when she came into the world. Unfortunately, plans had to change when we realized how much money it takes to buy enough cloth diapers to last when you can only do laundry once per week, and how much work it takes to haul said diapers to and from a laundromat along with everything else you have to wash that day. The best of intentions won’t pay those odds sometimes, and we had to stick with the (in the short run) cheaper and easier option of disposable diapers this time. I am still sad about this, but what can I do? Serenity will be 1 in a few short months, and I hope to potty train her next fall, and since we have no idea when or if we will be blessed with another baby, the investment just doesn’t seem worth it at this point. But whenever/if-ever we are blessed with #2 – you betcha, we’re going fluffy!!

Before we came to the dismal conclusion that we could not make the switch to cloth with this baby, I was pleased to be approached by the lovely ladies over at The Green Nursery to review a wet/dry bag from Planet Wise. I was thrilled!

These are very nice bags, and have lots of uses, far out living the time you will need them for stinky wet diapers. When your kids move past diapers, convert these bags for use with wet swimming suits, stinky gym clothes, travel needs, and anything else you can think of!

These bags are PVC free, waterproof, and feature 2 compartments – the large main compartment to be used for wet things, and the smaller front compartment for dry items.

If you’re using this bag for cloth diapers, it is easily big enough to hold up to 10 wet diapers in the big pocket and a stack of dry diapers in the smaller pocket!

If you’re using it for other purposes, the sky is the limit. I personally think this would be a great bag for a trip to the pool or the gym – just stick your change of clothes in the big pocket (replace with your wet suit or soiled workout clothes after your event), and stick a brush and toiletries in the front pocket. Easy-peasy!

That’s the Glow Bug cloth diaper that I recently reviewed. It is not in the bottom of the bag, so don’t be fooled about the size. I’d guess another 6 or 7 wet diapers could fit under there, not to mention the 3 or 4 more that would fit on top!

If I could have gone fluffy with Serenity, this wet/dry bag would definitely top my list for wet diaper storage until wash day. I love it! And I love the pretty floral print and the icy blue liner. Gorgeous and classy!

These bags come in multiple patterns and colors, and retail for $21.00 here.

A big thank you to The Green Nursery for sending me a complimentary bag in exchange for this honest review. Be sure to check them out on Facebook!

And guess what? They’re offering you a chance to win one of these gorgeous bags for yourself, right here on The Homemade Creative. You must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the continental United States in order to win this prize. Only entries received via the Rafflecopter form below will qualify to win, and entries will be checked so be sure to complete each entry you claim to remain eligible to win. Good luck!

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