Wordless Wednesday #13 – Pumpkin Patch 2014

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A couple of weekends ago, Serenity and I went with her Papa and Grama to a local pumpkin patch and apple orchard, meeting up with Aunt Kristine and Uncle Thomas and her cousins. Excitement kept Serenity awake for the 45 minute drive there, and two apple cider donuts and sheer adrenaline kept her awake for the 45 minute drive home! #lol

Wordless Wednesday #13 - Pumpkin Patch | The Homemade Creative

The kids loved playing in the huge corn bin – a short silo, with big doorways cut out on either side, filled about two feet deep with dry corn kernels. What a clever idea! Kristine and I both want one at home for our kids, and personally, I thought it looked really comfortable just to lay in (though I didn’t try it – not a fan of being trampled by a horde of tiny people). Both Serenity and Talia tried to eat the corn at least once, and it took Serenity about five solid minutes to actually play, instead of bursting into tears and trying to climb me every time another child came near her. She eventually realized that she could dig in the corn, though, and then she was fine until I tried to take her away – cue more tears.

Wordless Wednesday #13 - Pumpkin Patch | The Homemade Creative

We stopped in at the orchard’s store – a big red barn filled with fall goodies and decor items, and a ton of people. Serenity was pretty keyed up, and kept trying to run away from me to touch everything in sight, so I was relieved when I spotted the rest of the group already settled around a couple of tables in the back. Serenity and I tried our very first apple cider donuts (yep, a first for me, too), and I about died and went to heaven when I tasted their fresh-pressed chilled apple cider! DELICIOUS.

Wordless Wednesday #13 - Pumpkin Patch | The Homemade Creative

Once everyone was stuffed with apple cider goodness, we took the farm wagon through the apple orchard and out to the pumpkin patch. I’ve only been to three in my life, all as an adult, and this one was HUGE!! I could see a road in one direction, and the apple orchard in another, but I couldn’t tell where the pumpkins ended in either of the other two directions, at all.

The kids had a blast, wandering through the tangled vines, looking for the perfect pumpkin. Cinda (age 5) decided it was her personal goal to help Serenity (age 2) find a “baby” pumpkin, and it was delightful, watching the girls search for tiny pumpkins hand-in-hand amidst the endless covering of huge pumpkins that littered the field. Cinda finally found what must have been the only small pumpkin in the entire picked-over field at that point, and Serenity was absolutely smitten! Unfortunately, it was right on the verge of rotten. I may or may not (prove it, I dare you) have “lost” it on the long walk back to the front. Thankfully, Serenity was so enamored with all of the big pumpkins that accompanied us back on the hay wagon that she forgot all about her “baby” pumpkin until the next day. We made a special run to the store, and found her a nice little pumpkin that wasn’t about to cave in on itself, and all was well.

Wordless Wednesday #13 - Pumpkin Patch | The Homemade Creative

We had a wonderful time at the pumpkin patch, and I’m looking forward to next fall, already! We have a happy little trio of pumpkins to decorate tomorrow, and even though I still don’t care for Halloween, and fall is difficult for me, I’m really finding myself getting into the fun of fall this year. ?

Did you go to a pumpkin patch this year?

*The irony that this is a Wordless Wednesday post that is full of words is not lost on me. Try to enjoy yourself, anyway, won’t you? #lol Linking up on The Jenny Evolution.*

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10 comments on “Wordless Wednesday #13 – Pumpkin Patch 2014”

  1. That looks like a wonderful time! We wanted to go to a pumpkin patch but didn’t have a chance to sadly. I love that they could dig in popcorn kernels, what a fun idea. (PS – I’m glad your WW has words, I much prefer them that way.)

    1. I’m sorry you weren’t able to do one this year. 🙁 That was me, last year, and even though fall isn’t my favorite, I was disappointed.

      Thanks for letting me know you prefer words with WW posts!! I do, too. ?

  2. Scott said:

    This was the first year we didn’t hit our local pumpkin patch. The girls have gotten to an age where they’re not into it as much as before. /cry

    1. Awww! #sad How old are they?

  3. daisy said:

    Awe, how sweet! We wanted to go to a pumpkin patch this year, but fell short on time. I’m looking forward to going to one next year.

    1. Aww, sorry you missed out! I did, too, last year, so we went to a family farm that belongs to one of the families in our church, and they let us pick pumpkins there.

  4. Ben Butler said:

    There’s nothing more fun than a pumpkin patch. There’s just something so great about those places.

    1. I agree. ? They definitely bring out the festiveness of the season.

  5. Debi@The Spring Mount 6 Pack said:

    I love going to the pumpkin patch. It looks like you are having a lot of fun.

    1. We did! 🙂 Serenity is going through an “easily offended” stage, so there were a lot of tears, but she mostly enjoyed herself.

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