Quiddler Jr Is Educational Fun For The Whole Family!

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The weekend before Thanksgiving, Serenity and I ventured into Chicago for the annual Chicago Toy and Game Fair. We had a fun time, and met a lot of great people.
I lost track of how many booths we visited, and how many toys and games we saw demonstrated, but a few stick out in my memory. SET Games is one of them. Their booth was bright and fun, and they had sales reps playing their games with kids and adults alike. I got to chat with them about one of their newest games, and they even sent us home with a copy!
**These fine folk gave me a copy of Quiddler Jr. for review.**
**All opinions are my own.**
Quiddler Jr. is a fun word game that combines reading, spelling, counting, and matching in a way that builds cognitive skills while entertaining in a way that many educational games can’t match. Check out this video demonstration from SET Games
Serenity is too young to play this game yet, but it’s designed for ages 6 to 15, and older teens and kids-at-heart will enjoy it, too. I am excited to incorporate Quiddler Jr. into our homeschool curriculum in a few years!
I love all the bright colors and fun graphics! And I love that there are counters – do you see how they look like pennies, nickles, and dimes? Not only are players keeping track of the points they earn, they’re also learning to make basic change. Pretty nifty!
You can connect with SET Games and see all of their great games on their website, Facebook, and Twitter. Quiddler Jr. is available most places you can find card games, as well as on Amazon.
If you like the looks of this game, you’re in luck! SET Games is giving away a copy of Quiddler Jr. on our blog! You must be at least 18 years old to and a resident of the US to be eligible to enter or win, and you must complete at least one entry on the Rafflecopter widget, below (additional entries are optional, and increase your odds of winning). Good luck!
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But that’s not all!!

“Like” SET Games on Facebook in the next two days, and be automatically entered to win a basket full of their wonderful games for the whole family! You can see their Facebook post about the giveaway by clicking here.

What is your favorite card game? Do you play games during your Christmas celebrations? What is your favorite holiday tradition?
This post is part of The Homemade Creative’s Christmas Gift Guide 2013! To see all of our Gift Guide items, click on the image or on the words “Christmas Gift Guide” at the top of the page. Merry Christmas! ?

Disclosure: I received a copy of this game free for review. All opinions are my own, and we only promote things we believe our readers will enjoy.
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22 comments on “Quiddler Jr Is Educational Fun For The Whole Family!”

  1. My 8 year old would love this!

    1. I still can’t believe I didn’t realize you had more than one child. #embarrassed #lol

  2. Leslie said:

    Looks like fun for everyone! We always love getting new games!

    1. Oh, we do, too! We try to get at least one new game each year, and usually end up with more than that. Honestly, we’ve chosen a new game over a date before!

  3. Kelli Johanesen said:

    Awesome game! At our Thanksgiving, we played a version of Phase 10. I always love that game. 😀

    1. I recall playing that during a family holiday at least once, but honestly I can’t remember. I think it was fun? I miss our family get togethers!

  4. Nicole Lancaster said:

    We play games like Monopoly, regular card games,and Uno during our family’s Christmas celebration.

    1. Sounds like my family, growing up. We rarely play “normal” games anymore, but now and then I like to break out UNO or Sorry! and remember. We own Monopoly, but the Nintendo version!

  5. j1man1r66 said:

    Our Favorite Holiday tradition is on Christmas Eve when we track Santa on Doppler Radar and play Yahtzee until Santa reaches our state then we go to bed!

    1. Oh that sounds fun! We don’t really plan to do Santa, but what a fun tradition.

  6. Debbie Flood said:

    What is your favorite card game? Our oldest and my husband like to play muchkin but as a family we play lots of Uno.

    1. UNO is a pretty timeless game, isn’t it! ? We own several different Munchkin decks, too.

  7. Lisa Graham said:

    Our family loves Sequence for Kids and Hi Ho Cherry O. Plus they love to play Candy Land. I think they love pretty much every game I get them! This looks fun and educational.

    1. My 4 year old niece is gaga for her Disney Princesses version of Candy Land. The poor box is about done for! I love games of all kinds, and I hope my kids will, too.

  8. Madeline B said:

    We love Uno and I think the other card game we play a lot is called Crowns (I’m drawing a blank at the moment).

  9. Crowns sounds familiar, but I can’t picture it. It’s a card game using a standard 4 suit deck, right?

  10. omg, card games are our family favorite! We always play cards when we get together. Blitz is always played, sometimes books & runs, sometimes euchre. But ALWAYS blitz, so that’s probably our favorite.

    1. Blitz is fun! Isn’t it funny how games become family favorites without even realizing what’s happened, sometimes? We’re that way with my husband’s family and Telestrations.

  11. Lynda Thomas said:

    If we have a big group gathering, all the grownups play Manhattan Rummy! It’s been a tradition going back to my Great Grandmother (maybe beyond!) We have also been loving to play SkipBo lately. 🙂 My kiddos would love to get in on the fun with this Quiddler Jr. game, it looks like a blast!

    1. Fun! We used to play Spoons with my mom’s big family group, every Christmas.

  12. Jeffrey Ort said:

    We love Set, especially since there are not many games that can be adapted to make it possible for family members of differing ages to compete together.

    1. That is a pretty cool feature, for sure.

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