Help Victims of Child Trafficking With Love146

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*This is a guest post provided by Love146.”

This June, we gave away our first Rapid Response Backpacks to trafficked youth in the United States.


Found in a hotel room, barely awake after a nightmare, a place you never thought you’d be. Someone else is there, offering you “help.” Right — because people around here are so “helpful.”

To reach a child is no small task, especially when you’re up against the walls and barriers that come with traumatic experiences.

When a child is being exploited, working to secure the immediate safety of that child is a delicate moment. They’re scared, they’re unsure if they should trust authorities, and their inclination is often to run. Whether they run or stay, there are some long days ahead.

In the immediate moments after identifying children who are being exploited, they need a range of resources.

Love146 is working to provide some of these resources through Rapid Response Backpacks filled with a variety of items that will help meet the immediate needs while also offering children comfort and support.

Through our partnership with the Department of Children and Families in Connecticut, Love146 can provide Rapid Response Backpacks to every suspected victim of child trafficking.

These backpacks will help us ensure that identified child is provided the information and resources that can help them with what they need today and prepare them to receive help tomorrow.

Help fill more Rapid Response Backpacks by visiting the Love146 website.

Human trafficking and child exploitation are epidemic in our world, our country, and our neighborhoods.

Will You Help?

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