Remember When | Winter Wonderland

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?Do you remember when winter was synonimus with playing in the snow after dark, and making snow angels, even if the “snow” was only a quarter inch thick? When we whined about having to don scarves and mittens before venturing forth, but if we lost one we cried because it was our “favorite”? Remember going to Grama’s for hot cocoa and Christmas dinner, and our favorite part of the holidays was playing outside with our cousins and siblings until we couldn’t feel our fingers or toes, and our cheeks were so red they resembled shiny tree ornaments? Do you remember those days of carefree snowy excitement? I do. I miss them. I want to bring them back…
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4 comments on “Remember When | Winter Wonderland”

  1. Heather said:

    I do. 🙁

    Life is so rich through the eyes of a child.

  2. Alena said:

    Certainly 🙂

  3. Debster said:

    I go out and find them nowadays, by choice I throw myself into the snowy night looking up at the starry sky on my back with my dog and get covered in the find cold powder, as if my childhood still exists (This can embarrass my husband) BUT I say to you come and join me! for I will be 80 years old enjoying the snow <3

  4. Alena said:

    I haven’t done that in years and years, but I’m resolved to do many things this year that I have not done before, or for far too long 🙂

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