Serenity At Rest + All The Love

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Serenity stopped napping last summer, at only fifteen months old. It was the same time that we moved her out of our bed, and into her crib at night, and I think something just clicked off for her, and now she refuses to sleep during the day, unless she’s in the car (and even then, rarely). It’s frustrating, at times. My day never stops, and really, she could use the rest. On the other hand, she sleeps like a rock all night long, and averages twelve to fourteen hours every single night! So on the days she’s runs me ragged without a break, I remind myself of that silver lining.

Serenity At Rest

She may not nap, but sometimes she rests. She’s laying on my pillow on the couch, watching Sesame Street on my Tab 3 in this picture, relaxed and calm. This photo blows me away! I have it as my desktop wallpaper on my computer, and every time I see it this huge wave of emotion and love just surges through me. Is that weird?

I love my daughter so much. There are times I can’t breathe, I love her so much. If we didn’t have a creaky hardwood floor in our bedrooms, I would probably check on her repeatedly through the night, just to breathe in that baby smell that still lingers even as she’s almost two, and just…love. She’s addicting.

Mischievous Serenity

Look at that face. She’s also a mischievous little bug, and downright exhausting! #lol

That’s really all I have to say, today. Nothing profound, I suppose, but I really wanted to share these two photos with you. Have a lovely day! ?

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