Serenity’s First Drawing

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Serenity comes to me, pointing to the stack of printer paper at my elbow. I hand her a piece; pennies don’t grow on trees, but trees yield paper, and what is one sheet worth only a few measly pennies for a polite little lady?
I hear her moving around in the room behind me, and smile to myself. Her moments of temper hardly weigh against her general temperament of inquisitive contentment. I vaguely assume she is using the piece of paper I gave her as a blanket for her many babies.
She squeals, a happy sound, tinged with satisfaction. I turn, and there she is.
Nick must have left the pen laying out with his notebooks, last night. It’s a testament to his diligent training that Serenity came to me for paper, rather than raiding the stack of notebooks and loose leaf college rule beside his chair. I keep warning him that one day harm will come to his millions of notes, but for today Serenity is proving my fears groundless.
It’s the board across her lap that really gets me. She shoved the laptop off of it (miraculously managing not to dump the aging computer onto the floor in the process), and pulled it onto her lap to use as a writing surface. What a smart little girl!
Moments like these remind me forcibly how quickly time passes us by. “In the twinkling of an eye…”
Thank you, Lord Jesus, for moments of joy and pride and thanksgiving.
What are you thankful for, today?
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4 comments on “Serenity’s First Drawing”

  1. Laura said:

    Hey, i like the new layout and the more personal feel to this blog! Just a heads up, though: in the “about” section it says your daughter was born in 2007!

    1. Oops!! I’ll fix it. Thank you for the heads up! And thank you for the sweet comments on my blog’s new look and feel. It’s still a work in progress, but I am much happier with it now.

  2. Such a cute post! Ren is such a smarty! I love that she grabbed the board.. and proved your fears groundless! haha. JW and Bella do it quite often lol.

    1. Thanks, Dom ? She’s ridic-smart, and constantly amazes me!

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