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I love to work with quality brands that reflect my family’s values and interests! This page will help you discover who we are, what we like, and whether your product, book, or service is a good fit for coverage on The Homemade Creative. Be sure to read through the policies that are relevant to your pitch, and then contact me at when you’re ready to chat!


Meet The Belleques! My name is Alena, and I am the author and editor of The Homemade Creative. My little family of three lives in northern Illinois, about two hours west of downtown Chicago. Nick and I have been married since March 2007, and we welcomed Serenity into our family in April 2012. As a family, we love to play games, watch movies, take fun trips, read books, listen to music, and play together (read more about our story, here). Living an eco-friendly and health-conscious life is important to us – we try to buy organic and eat local as much as possible, while balancing the realities of the economy and community in which we live. We are involved in local ministries as we prepare for full-time international volunteer work with an NGO that fights sex-trafficking, restores victims, and works to prevent trafficking in at-risk communities around the world.

Stuff We’re Into
Travel + Home + Tech + Games + Food + Experiences


Hello! My name is Alena. I am 30 years old, mother to a four year old girl, and I’m a disabled homemaker and blogger. I write The Homemade Creative (a family lifestyle blog), Sunshine & Bunny Rabbits (a personal story of growing up), and Into The Library (a book and entertainment blog). I love reading epic fantasies, watching Doctor Who, listening to Mumford & Sons and Florence & The Machine, baking as therapy, taking pictures with my Canon T3, and loving on my cat, Leo. Making memories with my family, and spending time with people I love, is very important to me, topped only by my love of Jesus and my desire to see others freed from captivity and darkness, and introduced to Hope. I am currently pursuing my education in Mass Communication and Sociology.

Stuff Alena’s Into
Books + Photography + Baking & Cooking + Gaming + Music
Travel + Nerd Stuff + Interior Design + Fashion
Social Justice + Activism
My Cat


Meet Nick! Nick is my husband and my best friend, and a pretty neat guy. He loves table-top and hobby gaming, writing millions of lists, learning everything he can stuff into his head, and reading huge books in one night. Nick is currently pursuing his education in Accounting. He’s 30 years old, and loves being a father.

Stuff Nick’s Into
Games + Books + Security Tech + Nerd Stuff + Office Supplies


Meet Serenity! The curliest haired little redhead scamp of a girl you’ll ever meet – and the sweetest! Serenity is 4 years old, and just finished her first year of preschool. She loves puzzles, books, Paw Patrol, playing outside, eating food (all the food), Batman, every animal ever (but especially crocodiles, kitties, dinosaurs, and puppies), dress-up, My Little Pony, and her Lalaloopsy dolls. She loves bright colors and pretty things, almost as much as she loves to wrestle with her daddy, and play outside.

Stuff Serenity’s Into
Animals + Books + Movies + Outside Toys + Bubbles
Helping Mommy + Harassing Daddy
Getting ready to be a big sister!


Baby Boy — Coming Fall 2016! We are very interested in hearing about baby stuff as we approach his due date (I plan to breastfeed, so please do not pitch bottle feeding or formula products).


General Sponsorship Information

This blog accepts sponsorship in the form of items and services for review consideration, affiliate links, lifestyle advertorials, guest posts, adspace, brand ambassadorships, and sponsorship to events, trade shows, retreats, and conferences.

If you are interested in working with me on any of the above, or have another idea you’d like to run by me, please familiarize yourself with my blog, read the following policies, and then shoot me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!

Review Policies

I accept products, and services for review consideration, however I only include blog and social media coverage for those items that I determine, after careful consideration and testing, to be an authentic fit with our family and with my vision for this blog. While I am very careful to only request items I believe will be a good fit, if something should prove to not be a good fit I reserve the right to decline coverage, at my sole discretion. All items sent are mine to keep, and will not be returned, excepting for test programs we opt into personally, such as test driving a car, or for compensated electronics reviews, etc.

Want to see a book featured on my entertainment blog, Into The Library? Please read my Book Review Policies page for more information.

Rates are available upon request, for sponsored content; I only provide free coverage to select charities and non-profits I support, though there is no fee for products provided for review, as long as the total value exceeds $50 (excluding books and music, for which there is no fee).

Compensated Links are always “nofollow”, no exceptions; please do not request “dofollow” links for sponsored content, including reviews.

I do not provide free coverage on this blog; please respect my contribution to your work.

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