Thanksgiving 2014

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Thanksgiving weekend was crazy busy this year, and yet somehow pretty laid back at the same time. Nick’s mom flew out to the west coast to see her youngest son perform in a college theatrical production, and arrived home with only a day to spare before the start of the holiday weekend. Despite the short prep time, Cindy managed to somehow pull together not one but TWO turkeys, along with all the other traditional fixings, with only minimal assistance from the rest of us (still not sure what happened there – I feel like I dropped the daughter-in-law ball, somehow, with my offering of canned green beans). I think everyone was a little tired Thanksgiving day, but we had a really nice time hanging out, playing games, and just resting in each other’s company and love.

Thanksgiving 2014 | The Homemade Creative

I always plan to take lots of pictures during the holidays, but honestly, it’s not something that’s easy to accomplish without annoying people, or missing out on things on the other side of the lens as they happen. But I want to remember! I want to look back and be able to see what my daughter looked like that year, and my nieces and nephews, and all of the people that I love and call family. So I do my best, and remind myself that it’s not the lighting or the composition that matters – it’s the people, and the relationships. Which is why I just took what I could get, and smiled about it, when my almost-four-year-old nephew responded to my request for a smile by showing me the contents of his mouth. #lol #yuck #deleted #yourewelcome

The photographer and historian in my is seriously falling in love with my smartphone. It’s not practical to carry a large and expensive camera around all day during the holidays, especially when you’re surrounded by tiny, messy people (and especially, especially when one of them is yours). But a smartphone? Easiest thing ever to just whip it out of my pocket to snap a quick picture, and thanks to Instagram and filters, they don’t have to look like cell phone pictures. I love it! ? So after capturing a few high res memories, I put away my dslr, put my phone in my pocket, and let the day unfold without spectacle.

This is in my imminent future… #lemonmeringue #justhereforthemeringue #happythanksgiving

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Pie. I’m not a big pie person, and it doesn’t honestly matter if it’s homemade or store bought; it’s just not my thing. But meringue? I ? meringue.

The next morning I went Black Friday shopping with Nick’s mom and sister, and at the last second, his dad, too. Kristine is a supermom!! I’ve done this with her for several years in a row now, and she always manages to find exactly what she’s looking for. And it’s always fun to see what fabrics Cindy picks up, and try to guess what they’re going to turn into by Christmas morning. Brett and I skipped the fabric store this year, opting for office supplies.

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We didn’t stay out super long this time, as poor Cindy finally caught the nasty cold bug that’s been wreaking havoc in our community lately, and Kristine’s still recovering from having little Stephen less than a month ago. So after grabbing a quick bite to eat, we headed home.

Since Thursday nights are game nights for our guys, they bumped it to Friday this week to compensate for the holiday. “The wives” like to hang out while “the guys” play games in the basement, so Serenity and I headed over to Kristine’s after lunch, and spent the rest of the day there, with family. Since Serenity’s the only one of the cousins who doesn’t have a nap or rest time, we kept her busy while the other kids were down for a few hours.

You guys, the voices she does for her toys are hilarious!! #lol #fisherprice #imagination

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Once the kids got up it was bedlam for a few hours, pizza-palooza for dinner, then more kiddy-chaos until bedtime (and after – Serenity stayed up for another hour before the guys finished up and we went home). It was fun! And exhausting. But mostly fun!

At one point, playing “sleep over” was the big deal, even though none of the kids have actually done that with their friends yet…


#cousins #sleepover #notreally


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Saturday saw a continuation of Thanksgiving fun as we all gathered at our friends’ Shawn and Chiffon’s house for an extended friends and family holiday meal. Chiffon did a wonderful job hosting her first family holiday gathering, and even though my mashed potatoes weren’t as creamy as I liked, they seemed to go over well. Wendy’s homemade pecan pie was a huge hit! For someone who isn’t a pie fan, I ate a rather large piece. #lol

Happy Thanksgiving!! #saycheese #friendsareawesome

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Cutest nephew EVER!! #inlove A photo posted by Alena Belleque (@alenabelleque) on

The turkey got to her… #thanksgiving

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After the meal most of us stuck around for another hour or two to visit, and then headed over to the town’s annual Candlelight Walk celebration.

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We’ve lived here 4 years, and I finally made it to our Candlelight Walk! #candlelightwalk #holidays

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Nick and his parents had a booth this year, selling Cindy’s handicrafts, doing glitter tattoos, and making holiday balloons. They were extremely popular! The only line longer was for meeting Santa and Mrs Claus!

Grama, doing glitter tattoos at the Candlelight Walk. #holidays #candlelightwalk

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#candlelightwalk #holidays #sweetiegirl

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Serenity and I got all the way to 2nd in line for a balloon sculpture, then had to leap out of line and race across the building because Miss Potty Training actually remembered to tell me she needed pee. #hallelujah

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By the time we got back, she’d lost all patience with waiting in line, so we called it a night and I took her home. She was pretty unhappy to leave early, but cheered up when she saw the horses and wagon circling the block…

#candlelightwalk #holidays

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Unfortunately, even a pretty laid back holiday weekend flattened us – especially Nick, who’s fingers didn’t particularly like twisting balloons for four straight hours – and we stayed home from church on Sunday. Serenity’s last set of two year molars are finally almost through, and she spent the whole day mad and weepy, poor thing. Between illness and injury, I haven’t made it to church since September, and Nick’s only been twice in that time! It’s times like this that make me grateful that my relationship with Christ doesn’t live in a building. We skipped Cyber Monday madness in favor of putting up our Christmas tree – our first tree that isn’t borrowed in seven years of marriage, thanks to my lovely friend Jennifer and her parents! ?

My Christmas tree is up the week after Thanksgiving? Yes, yes indeed it is. #firsttimeforeverything

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All in all, it was a nice Thanksgiving weekend.

How was your Thanksgiving?

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6 comments on “Thanksgiving 2014”

  1. We had a great time in Hawaii for Thanksgiving!! What a fun weekend for your whole family, looks like lots of great memories for every one were made.

    1. Hawaii – how fun!! My in-laws went there a few years ago for an anniversary, and still talk about it all the time. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Looks like everyone had a great time! Happy belated Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks, and to you! We had a really nice day. ?

  3. Dawn said:

    I love those Frozen balloons! Also, the kids look like they had a fun time at the sleepover.

    1. Aren’t those just the cutest?? They were very popular, as you can well imagine, I’m sure. And yes, the kids had a blast. ?

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