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Throwback Thursday #3 - Wedding Memories With Image3D | The Homemade Creative

*I received a complimentary product to facilitate this post.*

Do you remember the red plastic picture viewers, with the round slide? We used to sit on Grama’s couch for hours, viewing slide after slide after slide from the cardboard shoe box filled to overflowing with them.

I hadn’t seen one for more than a decade; had forgotten about them, in fact. And then Image3D contacted me and asked if I wanted to see one of their picture viewers – a nostalgic throwback for vintage lovers, especially ones planning special events. Can’t you picture it? Painted mason jar water glasses. Artfully draped burlap table runners. The beautiful bride smiling into her groom’s eyes. And the guests, clicking through childhood memories, young love, engagement photos. Personally, I would love to create a reel with my favorite images from every photography session I shoot.

Throwback Thursday #3 - Wedding Memories With Image3D | The Homemade Creative

Serenity played with our picture viewer for hours, pausing every now and then to happily exclaim, “Daddy! My daddy ‘ee mommy!” I love the nostalgia and longevity of these old fashioned picture viewers, and I thought it fitting to inaugurate our collection of slides with my favorite memories from our wedding. It’s rather satisfying to hear your two year old gasping in delight when she sees a photo of you in your wedding dress.

I love my Image3D photo viewer, and Nick and I plan to create and collect many more reels for our collection as the years go by. Our next purchase will be a collection of our favorite images from Serenity’s birth. ?

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If you made a reel, which pictures would you include?

Disclosure: I received an Image3D picture viewer and photo reel free for review consideration; all opinions are 100% my own.

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2 comments on “Wedding Memories With Image3D”

  1. How neat!! I love the idea of having different reels for each special occasion. So cute!

    1. I’ve already got my images picked out for Serenity’s newborn session, and for our maternity session with her before she was born. ? I’d like to do one for each year of her life, too, with my favorite pictures from each year. Can’t you just see it? By the time she has her own children, she’d have a whole box full of reels to share with them!

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