Why We Plan To Home School

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Serenity is only sixteen months old, but I am already thinking ahead to her education. Nick and I decided a few years ago that we want to home school our children, and I have slowly been collecting ideas and resources since then.
Every now and then, someone asks me why we made the decision to home school our kids. It’s not complicated, but it’s multifaceted. Our desire to play an intimate role in her spiritual and moral formation is a factor, as is our desire to expose her to life beyond our front door on our own terms, while shielding her from common negative influences she would likely encounter in other forms of schooling (ie: bullying, course language, inappropriate sexuality, etc). But one of the main factors in our decision lies in the statistics ~ children who are home schooled routinely do better academically than their public and private schooled peers.
Surprised? Check out this infographic…
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1 comment on “Why We Plan To Home School”

  1. Angela said:

    I love this graphic! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I pray many blessings over your family as you move towards that direction. It’s the best decision we have ever made.

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