Wordless Wednesday #12 – It’s a Sandra Boynton Morning

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Wordless Wednesday #12 - It's a Sandra Boynton Morning | The Homemade Creative

Every time I look at our collection, I can’t help but think we must be close
to owning all of Sandra Boynton’s books.

Not even close!

We’re loving Fifteen Animals (#affiliatelink), right now. Have you read it?

*Linking up at The Jenny Evolution.*

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2 comments on “Wordless Wednesday #12 – It’s a Sandra Boynton Morning”

  1. Amanda Love said:

    I think the same thing too. We’re huge Sandra fans and I think I may have almost all of them. I’ve read and own 15 Animals and but I think our favorite is Moo, Baa, Lalala

    1. That IS a cute one. ? We love Pajama Time, too.

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