Wordless Wednesday #15 – Noah’s Ark

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Wordless Wednesday #15 - Noah's Ark | The Homemade Creative

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We gave Serenity her Fisher-Price farm set for her first Christmas, when she was seven months old. She got her house and family for her second Christmas at one and a half, and we picked up an older style Noah’s Ark set at a flea market for a couple of dollars this past summer, a few months after she turned two. She loves to line them up and count them; we’re still working on correct sequence, but she’s getting the idea! We’re considering trading up for a wooden dollhouse soon, but she loves these little guys so much, we’re honestly not sure when we want to do it. There’s a lot of love and sweet memories wrapped up around these little plastic toys. ?

Do any of your kids’ toys hold special memories for you?

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2 comments on “Wordless Wednesday #15 – Noah’s Ark”

  1. Kelli said:

    Fisher Price toys hold a special place in my heart (the old variety). We called them Maggies, but then you knew that. 🙂 Mom still has some old-school Maggies.

    1. After getting married I had to adjust my vocabulary around toys. Too confusing! But yes – they’ll always be Maggies in my heart. ? #lol

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