Wordless Wednesday #3 – Vote for Serenity in the #MyStyleSays Contest!

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I keep talking during Wordless Wednesday. Is that a problem? #lol Maybe I should start calling it Wordy Wednesday?

I’m really excited to tell you that Serenity came in third in a photo contest, last month, and we have another chance to win. Want to help? Here’s the photo that almost won…

Serenity's March #MyStyleSays Contest Entry

I wrote a ridiculously cute teaser under the photo, about celebrity spotting at Burlington, but I foolishly forgot to copy it, and now that the March contest’s over, it’s gone. #sigh Sorry!!

This contest runs each month through June, and the April contest is currently underway. Here’s the new photo, and teaser…

Serenity's April #MyStyleSays Contest Entry

After her first trip to Burlington, Serenity declared that she simply could not wear a single thing that did not originate from that fabulous shopping mecca – which was problematic, since I didn’t buy her any clothing to wear with her stylish new headband, bracelet, and shoes! She consented to wear her blankie for this picture, but only after I pacified her with a cheese stick. #MyStyleSays my daughter’s a true shopping diva!

The contest runs through the end of April, and you can vote up to once per hour (if you really love us to pieces)! #prettyplease Any votes are enormously appreciated – if she wins, I get to take her shopping with a $100 gift card to Burlington Coat Factory!

I suppose it’s only fair to tell you that you can enter to win this contest too – simply visit Burlington on Facebook, and click on the #MyStyleSays tab, then follow the directions. (Be sure to read the rules before you enter.) Good luck! I even mean it. #wink #reallywanttowinthis #lol

So what are you waiting for?


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