Wordless Wednesday #4 – Birthday Surprises

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When I finally began writing again after my extended break, I mentioned that my husband and his family surprised me with an impromptu birthday party. I lay on the couch the entire time, half-dead from a horrible respiratory infection, but I was so touched it didn’t even matter. It wasn’t the most exciting or fun birthday I’ve ever had, but it was one of the most special in my twenty-eight years.

Alena's 28th Birthday!

Thank you for loving me, Belleque and Rogers families. And thank you, my beloved Nick, for putting so much love and consideration into getting me flowers and this adorable little cake. I know you hate the way your writing on the cake turned out, but I love it, and treasure this photo that will always remind me of your sweet gesture on my birthday. ?

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2 comments on “Wordless Wednesday #4 – Birthday Surprises”

  1. Cindy said:

    It looks a bit like “Hap Alood”…Cake wrecks? but so sweet too!

    1. I know! #lol It makes me love it even more.

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