Wordless Wednesday #9 – Broccoli Baby

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Wordless Wednesday #9 - Broccoli Baby | The Homemade Creative

I think she might be a rabbit…

I’m linking up for Wordless Wednesday in the following places:

The Jenny Revolution

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6 comments on “Wordless Wednesday #9 – Broccoli Baby”

  1. I wish my son is like this. My son is a fuzzy eater and stays within 1 mile radius from veggies =( #ww

    1. Aww, that’s really hard. 🙁 I’m thrilled she loves healthy food, and I wish I could bottle it and give it away to other moms.

  2. How adorable!
    I wish my nephews and nieces were like her, loving her veggies 🙂
    Thank you for leaving comment on my blog. I wish you good luck on the big move — and praying it will be sooner.
    Let’s keep in touch!

    1. Thank you. ? She constantly amazes and delights me!!

      Thanks for returning the love! And thank you – our projected timeline is fall 2016 for the big move, but it all depends on funding. It’s hard to wait!! And yes, let’s definitely keep in touch. ?

  3. lol SO cute!!! JW only eats broccoli with cheese, like his daddy, but Bella will pick up the whole stalk just like Ren and mow down! =)

    1. Serenity’s had shredded cheese melted on broccoli, and she wouldn’t eat it together – she insisted on pulling it apart into two piles, and eating each separately! #lol Kids are weird.

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